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Final Website Post - 4/27/17

Hey everybody! If you've been checking back often, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a true fan. 2016 was the first season since we began that I never made it onto the race track. We were working on the car in the spring, and didn't get it finished in time before I had to switch my focus over to my new home and my wedding to Andrea on September 10th. When the CRA Sportsman schedule was released for 2017, there were only a couple of races at Indy and most of the rest were farther north. We learned enough from our two practice sessions in 2015 to know that between travel, tires, and other expenses just to get to the track, asphalt stock car racing simply wasn't for us. We sold the Late Model and all of the related equipment these last few months. It was difficult, seeing as I never got the chance to see what we could do with it. That question will have to remain unanswered. BUT, we have chosen our path for the futue. I've said this before and things have changed, but we've danced around this for several years, and are making this decision having put a lot of thought into it. After we won our championship in 2013 and I discontinued my pursuit of a professional driving career in 2014, I had a difficult time deciding where I fit in with racing, and where racing would fit in with my life. Hence, the modified and the late model experiments. When it came down to it, the most important things to consider going forward were affordabilty, the ability to be competitive, and fun. Out of all the different types of cars we have raced, there was only one that I was really interested in returning to and sticking to - TQ (3/4) Midgets. The class has been united again into one division in Indiana, and they have decided to move to new engines that we are more familiar with from our Mini Sprint days. Now is a great time to make the transition. While I have raced the cars, we have never owned our own - until now. (Check out the picture of the frame on the home page). We are in the process of building the new #03 machine and very much hope to make it out by mid summer. But, unlike the past, it's ok if we don't. I don't plan to run this car for a couple of years and go chase something new. I plan to be a TQ driver. If financing allows, we may add a front-wheel drive car in the future or something, but I'm in this for the long haul. I've done a lot of things in a lot of places, but I've found that I like dirt, I love open wheel racing, and the UMRA is the group that I enjoyed being around most. The car we bought and are preparing for the new style motors is the first we've actually bought in Indiana, it's the first we've custom tailored from the get go, and it's hands down the nicest car we've started in a series with. We hope the new Kawasaki engines work well for us, and we hope to be competitive very quickly out of the gate. The initial cost of putting the new car together has been kind of steep, but once we get rolling, it's nothing we haven't handled before. As another method of helping with costs, when's hosting subscription runs out this summer, I'm not going to renew it. This will be my last post. I have enjoyed getting to share my news, pictures, and videos with everyone for the past ten years online. Where I'm at right now, it makes more sense to put funds into the car and not all of the extra stuff. That being said, I will continue to post on the Randy Orme Racing Facebook page. You can follow along on there, on my own Facebook page (Scotty Orme), or with the UMRA King of the TQ Midgets at,, or on the King of the TQ Midget or Let's Go Racin' Facebook pages. Just because I'm not on here telling you about it, doesn't mean on any given Friday or Saturday night I'm not lining up in the chute at some dusty ol' oval getting ready to duke it out for fame and glory. I hope to be at it for many years to come. Dad's retired now, so I have my first full-time shop hand to keep things rolling. The wesbite will be up for a few more months. Thank you all for keeping up with our adventures, take care, and again, Thank You For Dreaming With Me - Scotty


Hi, race fans! It's been a while since our last update because....well, there's not a lot going on right now. We are hoping to get a couple of big races in this season with the #03 Late Model Sportsman, but right now it's a "wait and see" situation. There's a lot going on outside of racing for the team this year and that will decide when and if we're able to get back to action in 2016. We are gradually working on things so we're ready in case it works out to get on track. The motor is currently at Fisher Automotive Performance getting a good tear down to avoid a repeat of our 2015 oil leak issues. Regardless of how 2016 turns out, things should level back out to normal for next season. We'd like to thank our sponsors for their continued support and patience in returning to the track: Trusty Tire Co., H&R Block - Corydon, IN, KFC - Corydon, IN, Sandy's Nu Look Beauty Salon, and EVANS Waterless Engine Coolant. In the meantime, if you're anxious for some racing action, we encourage you to head out and support your local weekly short track. Also, don't miss the 100th running of the greatest event in all of sports - The Indianapolis 500 on May 29th! 


Our short, nearly non-existant, 2015 race season has come to a close. We headed back to IRP on Saturday for their final CRA event of the year. The team was pumped up and ready to rock, despite the cold weather and early morning departure. We hit the track for our first practice and things were looking good. My warm-up lap was as fast as my fastest lap I ran during the whole session in September. Unfortunately, on my second trip around the 5/8 mile oval, the car began smoking. We brought it in and the guys popped the hood. We had another oil leak and blew out a section of the header gasket. There wasn't much we could do to fix the issues at the track so, once again, our day was done. While the day didn't amount to much, it was enough to really stoke a fire under me and get me excited to get back on track. I'm really looking forward to running a few races for real in 2016. There was really no way of knowing if we had any bugs with the motor until we had the car on the track. Now that we know what we're dealing with, the motor will get a thorough going through this winter. Hopefully everything will be bulletproof when we hit the track next year. As always, I can't thank Mom, Dad, and Andrea for their help this season. Nobody missed a beat despite it being almost a year since we had been to the track. It was great to have new help from Frank, Tex, and Christine as well. Frank and Tex helped a great deal at the shop and all three made raceday easier. And finally, thanks to Trusty Tire Inc., H&R Block (Corydon, IN), KFC (Corydon, IN), Sandy's Nu Look Beauty Salon, and EVANS Waterless Engine Coolant for helping us get the #03 machine to the track this year. See you in 2016!


It's good to be back! ...on track, that is. Saturday's practice session had mixed results, but overall was a great day for the Randy Orme Racing team. We headed to IRP and got the #03 machine on track for the first time ever. After a year away from the driver's seat, it felt really good to get some laps in. For not having any idea what set up we needed, or what kind of shape the car was actually in, it performed very well. We ran about 20 laps, gradually picking up speed before we developed an oil leak. We only got one session in since we couldn't find the source of the leak at the track. The crew made the day go exceptionally smooth. Mom and Dad were invaluable as always. Frank, Tex, and Christine helped out tremendously on their first trip to the track. Bigger cars, bigger tracks, a bigger series, and new equipment to get used to means the extra help is much needed. Dad and I were able to communicate with radios for the first time, which was great. He sounded as seasoned as any NASCAR crew cheif or spotter. If we get our leak fixed and things wrapped back up in time, we will return to Indy on October 18th for our first/last race of the season. There will be new pictures posted here and a video posted on the YouTube channel very soon. 


We're only 2 weeks away from our first ever practice with the #03 Late Model Sportsman. All the work is just about wrapped up. I can't thank our sponsors and team enough for the work they've put in - including our two newest team members: Frank Fisher and Matt "Tex" Dennison. They have helped tremendously in getting the car prepared and they will be joining us at the race track as well. There are a few new pictures from our photo session in the 2015 section of the "Photo Gallery" page, so be sure to check them out.


It's been a while, race fans! 2015 has been a slow-moving year. There's a lot to catch you up on, as you probably guessed by the picture on the main page. Last winter, we sold the #03 Lightning Sprint (by far the hardest car I've had to let go of), and the Dirt Modified Chassis. In place of the two cars, we purchased an asphalt Late Model Sportsman from Michigan. I was going back and forth about what I wanted to do, and I found the car on I fell in love with it and for the first time ever, decided to purchase a car based on what sounded fun to race, and not what I thought I had to race to get to the next rung on the ladder. This new car has taken us in an exciting new direction, but it has presented some new challenges as well. This will be the highest level we've competed at (which is ironic, considering I just got away from trying to do this as a serious career path). We initially planned to race for the first time in April or May, but it has taken a lot longer than expected to get everything ready to go. We are nearly ready, and plan to get on track for the first time on September 26th for a practice session at Lucas Oil Raceway Park in Indianapolis (or IRP as it was once known). If all goes well there, we will run 1 or 2 races in October at either IRP or the high banks of the Winchester Speedway. There will be several exciting things coming up for the team in the next couple months. Randy Orme Racing as a whole has been making some changes in the past year as well. We officially became an LLC in the spring, purchased an enclosed trailer, will announce a couple of new team members in the next month, and will began construction on a new race shop soon. Trusty Tire Co., H&R Block of Corydon, IN, KFC of Corydon, IN, EVANS Waterless Engine Coolant, and Sandy's Nu Look Beauty Salon have all returned as team sponsors. We're going to "do what we can with what we have" on the track and hopefully have a lot of fun doing it. Most of the pages on this site (including the photo gallery) have been updated, and will be updated further once we get our official photo session done. Updates won't be as frequent as they were in the old days, but we'll keep you tuned in to what's going on this fall. 


Well folks, the 2014 season has come to a close. It ended up going out with more of a fizzle than the bang we had hoped for. Saturday night's event at the Tri-State Speedway in Haubstadt, IN was pretty rough for the #03 team. It was cold, damp, and drizzling for much of the night, but the rains stayed at bay long enough to get the event in. The track was incredibly smooth and the car felt good in practice other than my not being used to that type of track layout. Things pretty much went downhill from there. When I got out of the car after practice, I apparently kicked the pin that holds my steering wheel on and it magically disappeared. We had to rig up a substitute that worked well enough to get us out for the heat race. The car felt nothing like it did the first time on the track. I couldn't get grip in the rear to take off at the green and the car kicked sideways. I went into one and had no front grip and the car drifted straight up the track. I battled this back and forth condition for the entire heat, gradually losing spots. On the last lap I got a good run going into 3 on the guy in front of me. Unfortunately, he didn't get a good run in, and I thumped him in the rear before I could get whoaed up. That would have been fine if my front bumper hadn't become lodged on his rear bumper. I tried to slow down and get off him, but he apparently didn't know I was in tow and kept going, so we both spun out. Needless to say, I didn't transfer straight to the A Main, so we were set to run the B. We had a lot of changes to make to the car, and the track was rushing through the program because of the threat of rain. In the middle of finishing up our adjustments, we turned around and saw our B Main rolling out onto the track. I grabbed my gear and jumped in as fast as I could, but we couldn't get going before they shut the gate and started the race. So, our night was done and we missed our first ever A Main. That being said, I finally got to run on one of my all time favorite race tracks which was pretty awesome. This season hasn't worked out at all like we planned, but we've still managed to have a lot of fun with it - and we scored to runner-up finishes in the 5 racew we got to run this year. We will likely scale back with the Lightning Sprint going forward and concentrate on getting the Modified going. I have officially, as of the end of this season, decided to stop pursuing race car driving as a career, and we will not be seeking bigger sponsors to develop R.O.R. into a professional race team. From here on out, our little team will continue to operate as competitively and professionally as we have in the past, but we will focus on having fun more than anything. I will continue racing as long as I can, and as long as it's fun. There are a lot of things I have left to check off of my racing bucket list and a lot of different types of cars and tracks I'd like to run. The Modified will be a good start to that. The website will remain here, and I will update it as much as possible with some news, pictures, video, and the occasional upcoming race, but you will likely see less regular updates next season. I'm considering getting more involved in the business side of the motorsports industry in the coming years, but we'll just see what develops. Thanks once again to the whole team and all our sponsors for helping keep this thing going this year. More pictures and video from this season will be ready to check out by the end of this week. Continue to check back because, as you've probably figured out by now, you never know what I'm gonna come up with next. See you next year, ya'll!


This Saturday will be our final race of the season at the Tri-State Speedway in Haubstadt, IN. We've been spectators at this awesome facility for several years, so it will be great to finally get some dirt on the tires down there. This will be our 5th and final event of the year, which is a tad disappointing considering the mechanical issues and event cancellations that shortened this year tremendously. That being said, we've looked forward to this event as the crown jewel of the season all year, so we will be ending 2014 in exciting fashion. This will be a national MMSA / MALS border wars event for our class, and is named the "Allen Rupenthal Memorial". Allen was instrumental in growing the sport of mini sprint racing, and actually sold us the 600cc #3 Mini Sprint we ran in '06-'07. Along with our class, the night will feature UMP Modifieds and MSCS Sprint Cars. We will likely shift our focus more towards our own Modified after this season, so if you enjoy watching me wheel an open-wheel car, head on out Saturday evening! You can visit for more information on the event. After we wrap up our season, I will catch the website up a little bit with new pictures and videos from the last couple of races. Things have been a little crazy as of late. Wish us luck, and we'll see ya at the races! 


I'm running a little behind with my post-race update this week. Friday night's Gloria Shipman Memorial at Linton was another great effort by the #03 team. We were slower than we wanted to be in qualifying, but we made up ground pretty quickly once we got the car dialed in a little. I had a fun back-and-forth battle with the #27 car during the heat race for 3rd and 4th position - with him on the low line and myself up on the high side (a switch from what I'm used to). After about 4 laps, he was able to get just enough of a run on me to slide up in front of me. Unfortunately, he drove too hard into the next corner and flipped it. The feature was a little less dramatic. We started 3rd and ran a clean solid race to finish 2nd for the second straight time at Linton. We were happy with the run, but a runner-up always leaves you wanting one more spot! After a season full of race cancellations, we hope to have one big finale left this year. As of right now, we will be running the most anticipated event of the season on October 11th - The Alan Rupenthal Memorial at the Tri-State Speedway in Haubstadt, IN. I have been watching my heroes do battle in USAC Sprint Cars for several years there, but this will be my first opportunity to take to the track myself. If anybody out there has ever wanted to see a race, it doesn't get much better than Haubstadt.


Our complicated season continues: Tonight's race at Brownstown has been cancelled due to rain. We were hoping to get one in a little closer to home, but it looks like it's not going to happen in 2014. Our next event will be September 12th at Linton for the Gloria Shipman Memorial.


The "Schedule/Results" page has been updates with a few more upcoming events. As always, it is subject to change (as it has more times than intended this year). As it sits, there will be 4 races remaining this season with Brownstown up next on August 30th. This will be about as close to home as we get for all you fans interested in seeing one this year. 


Check out the link at the top of the "Videos" page to visit our YouTube channel and see our latest upload - Heat race In-car footage from Linton. I'm still unable to post it directly to this site since they updated some things, so I apologize for that. Still working on finalizing some races for the rest of 2014. We'll keep you updated! 


We had a good solid effort last night at the Bakersfield Raceway Park in Linton. I always look forward to heading up there. No matter what happens, you have a lot of fun at Linton. We qualified 3rd fastest, which wasn't bad considering it felt like I wasn't getting much grip at all out there. We started inside of the second row for the heat race and finished 3rd. We lined up the same way for the feature. The track had a couple of workable grooves last night, so you could roll it in on the bottom or slide up and off the cushion on the top side. We were able to make it to 2nd, but couldn't make up enough ground on the leader, so we settled for the runner-up spot. It was a fun race on a tough little track, and a pretty solid finish, so I'd say it was a successful night. We'll make a decision shortly on where the next one will be and post it here soon. I should have some videos from Linton updated later in the week as well. 


There is an updated schedule on the "Schedule / Results" page. We currently have 3 races listed for the remainder of the year, but we hope to add a couple more. As of right now, the MMSA races at Thunder Valley will not be happening. So, unless the track promoter changes his mind, I won't be taking on the big guns in front of my home track crowd this year. We will still be ending the season at the Tri-State Speedway in Haubstadt, IN, but the September 20th race in Missouri, has been switched by MMSA to a national event at the Lincoln Park Speedway in Putnamville, IN. We're really looking forward to these two legendary Indiana Sprint Car tracks in the fall. I'm especially looking forward to our next stop that we just added - August 1st at my favorite little bullring in the country - Bakersfield Raceway Park in Linton, IN. It's been nearly two years since we raced there. We won the heat and feature the last time we rolled through, and I hope to back that one up. We've run well in our first two races this season, but mechanical issues and mistakes in the early portion of the event put us deep in the field in both features. Hopefully we can get some momentum going at Linton, and carry it into the 2nd half of the season. In other news, I will be taking orders for T-Shirts and Hoodies from now through July 19th. They are light grey, and feature my name, website, and a small picture of the car on the front, and a large picture of the car and some stats on the back. They are available in kids sizes Small, Medium, and Large and in Adult sizes Small - 5XL. T-Shirts are $10 and Hoodies are $20. If you'd like to place an order, click on the "Contact" page, or get with me on Facebook and we'll work out payment and delivery.  


Happy late Fourth of July, everyone! It was good to finally get back on the track again last night at Columbus. It was our first time racing at the challenging fairgrounds track since 2010 in TQ's, and it was only our second race so far this season. That being said, we had a lot to shake down. As it turned out, the motor performed very well so it looks like our issues from earlier in the year are behind us. We started out pretty quick in hot laps, but had some major issues in single-car qualifying. The track had gotten extremely slick and I got loose and spun in 3 & 4 on my first lap. I got it going, but on the 2nd lap, the car got out from under me again, and I ended up in the hay bales around the track. Fortunately, it didn't do any damage. The car was idling very high before the qualifying run. It almost felt like the wheels were still pulling when I let out of the throttle. We fixed that issue after the run. I don't know if this contributed to my problem or not, but I have a hard time believing I'd make that big of a mistake twice in a row on my own. The qualifying run put us at the back of the 32 car field. We had to start last in our heat, and missed the transfer to the feature by a couple spots. This put us in the B Main for a last shot at making the big show. They took the top 4 cars out of the B and we were able to get 4th. I started shotgun on the 20-car field for the feature, and after a fast-paced 25-lapper, we made it up to 12th. It wasn't where we hoped to be when we unloaded at the track, but after starting from the very back of everything, we were pretty happy with the effort. We'll take a look at the schedule this week and see what races we can add in before we put the wing back on and head to Putnamville on September 20th. 


A partial schedule is back up on the "Schedule/Results" page. We'll fill some more dates in as we go. Our next event will be a non-wing MMSA-sanctioned event on July 4th at the Columbus (IN) fairgrounds. It will be our second start at Columbus, and the first since 2010 with the #16 Koontz Racing TQ. It was one of our best tracks then, so we're hoping that carries over to the #03 machine. Lookin' forward to it! 


Thanks to some help from Gorillaz bike shop in New Albany, the #03 machine is running smooth again. We should be able to pick up the season where we left off now. We will likely take June off as planned to prepare for a certain special lawn mower race, but we'll no doubt be back on track in July. We'll shake the schedule out and start adding dates here or there. I've spent the entire month of may watching documentaries on my racing hereos, and wrapped it up by attending the Indy 500 last weekend, so I should be primed and ready to jump back behind the wheel.


Due to a scheduling conflict between MMSA and Brownstown Speedway, the May 17th Non Wing event at Brownstown has been cancelled. The race will be rescheduled. This actually gives us some breathing room, because the problems we were experiencing with the car at DuQuoin are continuing to plague us. For a while, it seemed we had everything back to normal, until I tried to fire it up again last week. I'm trying to check everthing out and see if I can track the issue down. The motor is electronically fuel injected, and a little over my head, but I'm learning as I go. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find anybody to help, and every bike shop in Indiana and Kentucky doesn't seem to want to mess with it either! So, we hope to be back on track very soon. I don't have anything else posted on the schedule at this time, so keep checking back. We'll probably go on a race-by-race basis for a while, and hope to hit the big races we planned on later this year. With a championship Lightning Sprint that won't run, and a new Modified waiting on a motor, I feel like what was supposed to be an all-out fun and exciting race season, may become more of a transitional phase for us. Either way, I'm ready to strap in and hammer down! Stay tuned...


Until I can figure out the issue I'm having with posting videos, I have inserted a link at the top of the "Videos" page that will take you directly to our YouTube channel. You can watch any of our video clips we've ever posted there, including the new Du Quoin clip and footage from the Copperhead Mowdown Lawn Mower races. All of the videos that were previously posted on the "Videos" page are still there, I just can't post new clips directly to the website at the moment.


New pictures have been added to the 2014 album of the "Photo Gallery". If I can figure out what is wrong with my videos page, there will be a GoPro video up soon as well! 


Back home again in Indiana! We had an extremely difficult and challenging season-opening weekend at the "Showdown at the Center" in Du Quoin, IL. This was an event that we looked forward to all winter, and the event itself did not disappoint. Six divisions of some of the finest drivers in the Midwest showed up to do battle on the tight little indoor bullring. Our problems were mostly due to getting the motor back less than 48 hours before we left for the race. It left us very little time to check everything over and get the bugs worked out. We missed 2 of the 3 hot lap sessions on Friday night becuase the car was continuously fouling plugs and wouldn't start up. We were able to make one session, but the car was running rough, so we weren't really able to learn anything. We were able to get it fired up again for Saturday morning's heat race, but once again, we were only able to run about 1/2 throttle without the motor cutting out. After an afternoon of throwing everything we had at it, we actually got it running pretty well for the feature. I'm not sure exactly what the problems were, but we have some theories we're going to look into in the next couple of weeks. Since our heat didn't go well, we started in the last row of the 18 car field. It was a follow-the-leader kind of race, where you had to root a guy off the bottom, or hope he made a mistake. By staying out of trouble and being patient, we were able to sneak up to 10th by the time the checkered flag fell. It was definitely not what we hoped for, but considering all the problems we had, we were lucky just to run the feature. It was a fun event to be a part of, and hopefully we can do it again. I'll have some GoPro footage and a few pictures up in a couple of days, so be sure to check back. 


Good news, race fans. We got our motor back from the shop today, so we will be racing this weekend in Du Quoin! We've got an extremely busy day ahead of us tomorrw, but it should be an awesome weeknd.  


Sorry for the slow update. It's been busy. We are now one week away from the first race of the season, and it's going to be one of the biggest events we've run yet - The Showdown at the Center in DuQuoin, IL. It will be our very first indoor event and the second-highest paying event we've ever run. The chassis has been through it's off-season teardown and the car has a fresh coat of paint and some new decals. The only problem is....we're waiting on our motor to get back. Last season we broke a tooth off of 2nd gear in the transmission (the transmission and motor are pretty much one whole unit on a motorcycle engine), so we had to have it fixed before it created major problems. Do to some frustrating misunderstandings, we're now hoping we get the motor back in time to get it in and ready for next weekend. It's looking like it could be the day before we head out. Wish us luck with that! We'd also like to welcome back a list of returing sponsors this year: H&R Block of Corydon, IN, KFC of Corydon, IN, Sandy's Nu Look Beauty Salon, Evans Cooling Systems, Trusty Tire Co., Garmon's Farm, and Touchette Fabrication. Thank you all for your continued support!!! 


We have posted a partial schedule on the "Schedule/Results" page. More will be added soon as the rest of the tracks are finalized. We'll start of the season with one of the coolest events we've had a chance to be a part of. The "Showdown at the Center" on March 29th in DuQuoin Illinois will be our very first indoor event. The race will pay $2000 to win and bring in racers from all over the Midwest. We will be running two MMSA-sanctioned events at Thunder Valley this year, which will pit the best regional racers against us as the defending track champions. In September we will travel to Missouri for a co-sanctioned national event between the MMSA and the MALS, and in October we will finally get the chance to race at the Tri-State Speedway in Haubstadt, IN. Along with these events we will be racing in Brownstown (IN), Montpelier (IN), Columbus (IN), Linton (IN), Macon (IL), along with another track or two as we finish up our schedule. We would also like to take this opportunity to welcome back returning sponsors Evans Cooling Systems, Garmon's Farm, and Touchette Machine & Fabrication. We would also like to welcome Draco Racing Springs to the team this year. Draco of Houston, TX manufacturer's the "Purple Spring" and has developed race-winning coil springs for a variety of applications. Click on the logo on the "Sponsors" page or visit to check them out. Check back for more news and updates coming soon.  


We will be posting the majority of our 2014 schedule in a few days. Personally, I don't think I've ever been more excited about the start of race season. We're keeping extremely busy at the moment, working on the car and trying to put together a few new sponsorship deals. We're actually only about 37 days away from our first race...and it will be a BIG one. Stay tuned! 


I don't know about you guys, but I'm starting to get anxious! It's been over 4 months since I've been in the driver's seat and it'll be at least 3 more before I climb in again. That being said, 2014 looks to be a very exciting season. So far, we've spent most of the off-season soaking in last season's championship and sending out a few marketing packets for the Modified. In the next few weeks, we will start cleaning and arranging the shop (yee-haw), and then get to work preparing the #03 Lightning Sprint for it's 3rd season of competition. That's uncharted territory for R.O.R. Every car we've owned in the past has been sold or traded after it's second season, and we've moved on to a new division. We always wondered what we could accomplish in that elusive "3rd year". We're about to find out! We plan to run as much non-wing as possible and hit some big local events and MMSA-sanctioned races at several familar tracks and a couple of new venues. The most exciting news thus far is that in October, we will finally get the chance to race for the first time at the Tri-State Speedway in Haubstadt, IN! We will also be tearing down the new Modified this spring and getting it ready for it's debut. It's still up in the air as to when that will actually be - it's got to have a motor first! Things will start ramping up in a hurry real soon, so check back for updates as more details unfold for the upcoming 2014 season!


Check out this week's issue of the Corydon Democrat for an article on our championship season. Have a Happy New Year, everyone! 


Happy 6th Birthday to Shaun! He's one of our biggest fans, and I really enjoyed meeting him this season! Have a Merry Christmas too, bud. 


In 2010, we shifted our focus towards building Randy Orme Racing into a professional non-wing Sprint Car team. We even had a Sprint car roller for a while before we traded it for the #03 Lightning Sprint. The plan was still to secure funding to move into the big Sprints and build on the program over the course of a few years. Earlier this season, we had a discussion regarding the expense involved in Sprint Car racing, along with concerns about the safety of the machines. While non-wing Sprint Cars are still my favorite racecars on the planet, the team as a whole decided it was best to go another direction. After careful study, we agreed that the overall best series for us to move into and develop a program around from here on out would be U.M.P. Dirt Modifieds. The Modifieds open up a variety of opportunities for us to race, meet new fans, and get our sponsors a whole new level of exposure. The best part is that there are over 40 great race tracks within 4.5 hours of our back door. We took the first big step last night, when we brought home a full 2006 Pierce Modified roller. While we're not sure if we'll be able to afford to drop a good motor in it for 2014 without a larger level of sponsorship funding, we're confident that we can hit the track on our own in 2015. Even if we don't get the car out next season, it will give us the opportunity to learn about it, tear it down, make it better, and be ready to go big when the time comes. We're extremely excited about this step, as it will essentially be the level we've been trying to get to for so long. It is a series that we can stay in for as long as we want and compete at a level we've always wanted to. For now, the only definite thing I can say about 2014, is that we will be back on the road with the #03 Lightning Sprint in pursuit of a few more wins, while we begin work on the Modified. Stay tuned!  


Check out all the new pictures in the 2013 album of the "Photo Gallery". The awards banquet was a lot of fun. We're definitely proud of the championship trophy! 


I guess you could say that we're officially in the off season now. The term is a little misleading though, because we work as much or more over the winter than we do during the season. Our banquet will be coming up on November 9th. I'm pretty excited to be accepting my first championship trophy! We'll post some more pictures and info shortly after the banquet. In the meantime, we are working on our plans for the future. We have a definite destination in mind, and I'll share it with you in a couple of weeks. While we are hoping to move up once again, we do not plan for the #03 Lightning Sprint to leave our stable. Regardless of what we move into, I plan to keep this car and run it whenever I can. If nothing big happens over the winter, our current plan for 2014 is to continue running this car, primarily non-winged. The car needs a lot of work and attention over the winter. We've got a lot of things going on, so we'll keep you posted as we see how the off-season unfolds.


10 years ago today, we headed to Morehead, KY and brought home the #3 Mini Cup car. We had absolutely no idea what we were doing, but considering we're still at it, we've done a pretty good job of figuring it out. I have done things and been places I would've never dreamed about were it not for racing. Over the course of the past decade, we've raced 7 different cars at over 20 different race tracks in 6 different states. We cut our teeth with the Mini Cup on pavement, tackled dirt for the first time with the #3 Mini Sprint, got toughened-up in the #38 Street Stock, and put it all together to kick some tail with the #03 Lightning Sprint. We were given an amazing opportunity by Michael Koontz to team up and win the 2010 UMRA Tony Stewart Rookie of the year award. I got the chance to run some very fun races for the legendary Goff Racing TQ Midget team in 2011 and 2012. We've banged fenders at The 'Drome, survived 200 laps at Anderson, ran the rim at IRP, kissed the cushion at Bloomington, smacked the wall at Mt. Lawn, tackled the high banks of Salem Speedway, jumped the ruts at Windy Hollow, tavelled north to Lake Erie, journied south over the mountains of North Carolina, battled it out at the Kokomo Klash, never gave up at the Rushville Nationals, tumbled down the straightaway in Carthage, fell in love with non wing racing at Linton, tore up the mud in Montpelier, ran for the hometown crowd at Corydon, and found a little fame at Thunder Valley. We've had so much fun and accumulated so many stories. Our now-famous trips to North Carolina and Florida could rival any Griswold family vacation. We've partnered with some amazing sponsors, met people from all over the country, and made some very loyal fans. We even made the paper a few times. We've competed against some of the very best without a lot of funding or experience, but we always managed to come up with something that works. Considering we had no racing background coming into this, and not much funding during any of the past 10 seasons, I couldn't be more proud of all we've accomplished. It has all really come together with this #03 car the past two years. It took 5 different years in 3 different cars to win at Thunder Valley, but we finally pulled it off this year, and then backed it up with two more victories. In '06 we won the Thunder Valley Rookie of the Year award, and then came back 7 years later and won our very first championship. The path has taken some interesting turns over the years, but I wouldn't change any of it. It has been an amazing ride, and, hopefully, it's only beginning. I think I'm more excited about racing today than I was 10 years ago when we brought the first car home. We've spent the first 10 years learning and growing. I hope during the next 10 we can build on our program and settle into a destination series - one where we can establish Randy Orme Racing as one of the most professional, recognizable, and hopefully successful teams in the Midwest. When I was trying to figure out how to celebrate our big anniversary, I considered a variety of options and ideas for a big party. But, in the end, I decided the best way to celebrate would be to do what we love most - RACE. So, this morning we're loaded up and ready to hit the road to Linton - my favorite little track in the country. Here's to the next 10!!!

*Upon arriving in Linton, we found out the race was cancelled. It was a fun trip anyway! This will likely conclude an awesome 2013 race season. Stay tuned for more updates.*


We will be finishing our season with heavy hearts. My shop assistant, Leo the cat, passed away last night. Leo was 14 years old, and had spent 10 of them with me in the shop. Ten years, 5 cars, and 111 races - he was by my side every time I picked up a wrench. There's some good pictures of Leo throughout the "Photo Gallery". We're gonna miss ya, lil' buddy.


The "Points Standings" page has been updated with the final 2013 Thunder Valley Raceway points. The 2013 page of the "Photo Gallery" also has a few new pictures. There's still more to come this season. Our 10th Anniversary celebration weekend is in two weeks. We'll be headed to our first (and actually also our last) non-wing / non-points race of the season at Linton on the 18th. Our Thunder Valley Awards banquet is also scheduled for November 9th. Check back soon for more updates! 


We are the 2013 Thunder Valley Raceway Lightning Sprint Champions!!! Last night was a fairly calm end to a dramatic points season. We went out in the heat race and just stayed out of trouble, making sure we were good to go in the feature. By the time the main event rolled around, the track had become rutted up real bad. I started outside pole and tried a few moves, but the car wasn't responding to the ruts well enough to push it for the win. So, we settled for an easy 2nd in the race, which locked us in as this year's track champions! When we were discussing what would be something special to do in our 10th anniversary season, we settled on trying to win our first championship. Ten intense events later - we have done it. I couldn't be more proud of our team. We won early in the season, missed the setup when the track got rough, made the car fast again, hit the wall and demolished the car, fixed it with some pretty far fetched parts and made it even better than it was, won again, wrecked again, fixed it again, and finished the season with two seconds and a third win. The Thunder Valley awards banquet is November 9th, so we'll have to wait until then to pick up the hardware. While our exciting championship season is now over, we have one more race to run. We will finally get a chance to take the wings off and run at the Bakersfield Raceway Park in Linton, IN on October 18th. That will be 10 years from the day that we went to Morehead, KY to pick up our first race car, the #3 Mini Cup. We're looking forward to a fun, pressure-free way to close out what has been our most successful season yet. Thank you to the whole team, all our sponsors, and all the fans that have supported our effort week after week at Salem. Check the website often in the next few weeks. There's still more to come!


Well, we're 3 days away from the final points race of the season at Thunder Valley. It's been a dramatic season so far and I don't expect this last race to be much different. We're fortunate to have a 10 point cushion going in, but it's definitely not a done deal. Our strategy will depend on how many cars show up and what position we draw. 10 years and 10 races all come down to this!


Racers are always a little uneasy when race night falls on Friday the 13th. As it turns out, luck wasn't working against us on this go 'round. We were pretty good all night, but the car just wasn't up to it's former magic. The track was considerably different with the cooler, damper weather. We started 3rd and finished 2nd in the heat race, giving us a good outside pole starting spot for the feature. I got a great start when the green flag dropped, but the #10 car refused to give up the posistion going into one and took the point down the backstretch. I had to alter my line enough throught 3 & 4 to allow the #11N to slide under me off of 4. Our car was fast, but clearly not handling the track as well as theirs at the time. I settled back in 3rd for a few laps with my eye on the leaders, noticing they were pushing it pretty hard. A couple laps later the #10 got loose and spun while leading in 1 & 2. The #11N couldn't get slowed up and ran into him. I saw the wreck coming and was able to stay out of the way, which gave us the lead on the restart. I was able to dial in the shocks a little under caution, and I had a whole different car when we got the green again. I was able to pull away and lead the remainder of the race for our 3rd win of the season! As exciting as the victory was, it was just a footnote to the big picture. Our win last night put us about 10 points ahead of 2nd place in the championship standings with one race to go. We haven't mathematically won it yet, but we drastically improved the odds. Our final points race will be two weeks away on September 27th at Thunder Valley. Wish us luck!


After a 3 week break, we will be back in action this Friday night at Thunder Valley for the next-to-last race of our 2013 points season. We should have a pretty good hot rod, and be in a good position to hopefully pad our point lead a little heading into the season finale. Stay tuned!


Check out the new pictures in the 2013 album of the "Photo Gallery". The points have not been officially updated yet, but we should be sitting in the lead by 4 with two races to go. We'll be doing all we can the next couple of weeks to be sure we're bullet-proof going into the final races of the season.


Last night's race at Thunder Valley wasn't quite what the team was looking for, but we ended up very well for all the trouble we had. First off, the parts we needed from the wreck in the last race didn't arrive until wednesday afteroon. We finished up working on the car at midnight on Thursday. When we went out for hot laps, the car had no power at all and sounded awful. We came back in and changed the battery. The car started better and sounded better in the pits, but once we went back out for the heat race, we found that the problem had not been fixed. After further investigation we found a small plug wire that was unhooked, which meant we weren't getting any spark to the fourth cylinder. We got the issue fixed, with a little help from Dickey, and headed back out for the feature. We started 4th and jumped into 3rd in the first lap. I spent the next several laps fighting with the #10. I could get under him, but couldn't carry enough momentum off the corner to pull him down the straight. With two laps to go, his chain came off, bringing out a caution and handing 2nd place off to us. On the restart, I was behind the #11N of Lance Newton, who we're just ahead of in points. It was a green, white, checkered finish, and I threw everything I had at him, but he had just enough to get the job done tonight. Our 2nd place finish puts us 4 points ahead with 2 more races left to go in the championship. It will be a dramatic finish to the season, no doubt, but I believe that if we stay solid we can bring home the track championship. It will be a few weeks until the next one, so hopefully we're able to have the car in top shape to close out the year. Some video footage and pictures will be added later in the week, so stay tuned.


Thunder Valley has altered their schedule one more time. There are now only 3 points races remaining for the track championship. We have a 6 point lead, but we've got to finish the season out strong if we want to pull it off. Check out the "Schedule / Results" page for the updated schedule.


The "Points Standings" page has been updated, and the video of the heat race flip has been posted on the "Videos" page.


We hit a little bit of a bump in the road Friday night at Thunder Valley. Well, more of a big bump in the road. Actually, it was a tractor tire. I was running 2nd in the heat race and running real low to get a good run on the leader off the corner. I missed my line through turns 3 & 4 just enough that, when I got back on the gas, I was too close to the tractor tire marking the track infield. My left-front wheel tagged the tire, sending me into another tire further around the turn, which sent me cart wheeling through the air and eventually back to the ground. I stuck the landing though, and ended up back on 4 wheels. It was 110% my fault. I was looking for just a little more on the bottom and ran out of real estate. The car is pretty tore up, but we'll have it back together for the next go 'round. I was a little mad at myself for the mistake, but all the success we've had with this car is from standing on the gas and giving it all we've got, so I guess it's part of it. Fortunately, Salem has adjusted it's schedule for the remainder of the season, which works out for us - giving us another week to work on the car before we return to action on August 16th. The good news is, despite the wild wreck, we're still in command of the points lead. Check out the "Schedule/Results" page for an updated schedule, and be sure to check back in a couple days for video footage (in-car and out) of Friday night's crash. 


The #03 car is locked and loaded for round 7 of the Thunder Valley Raceway season this Friday night. It's also Fan Appreciation Night at TVR and Andrea's birthday! So, if you're looking for something to do Friday night, come check it out! We'll be fighting to add another win and extend our points lead. It may take me a little longer to get updates posted afterwards this week, but they should be up Monday. Stay tuned.


The team put together a pretty stellar effort last night at Thunder Valley. The track was rough and ended up a little slick, but the car handled it extremely well. We were fast right off the trailer, and didn't make a single chassis adjustment all night. I started outside pole for the heat race, jumped out to a commanding lead, and won my second heat in a row. This put us on pole for the feature. I was careful not to make the same mistake I made last week on the start. We cleared the 2nd place car going into 1, set sail, and led flag-to-flag for our second feature win of the season! The first win was just a big relief after trying to win at Salem for so long. This one was just outright fun. The WDRB Fox 41 in the Morning team of Keith Kaiser, Sterling Riggs, and Mike Marshall were even on hand for a mini sprint exhibition race afterwards. Best of all, last night's victory gained us another 6 points in the championship standings, stretching our point lead to 10. We still have more races ahead of us this year than we have behind us, but things are shaping up nicely for the time being.  We'll have a week off, then be back at it again on August 2nd for Fan Appreciation Night at Thunder Valley. Be sure to check out the "Videos" page and the "Photo Gallery".


Check out the "Points Standings" page for updated points. We're back on top! 


After our wreck in the last race, and the extremely unconventional way we setup and repaired the front suspension, we didn't know what to expect in our return to Thunder Valley last night. To get the car back on track, we tried a setup on the front end I had never seen anyone try before, and, it worked - reeeally well. In our heat race, we walked off and left the pack, leading flag-to-flag. The car had a strange feel, but it went wherever I pointed it, and hooked up very nicely off the corners. The flag man fooled me on the start of the feature, and I let the #7 car beat me into the first turn. I fell back to 3rd, after having to whoa up a little to make sure everyone got through the turn in one piece. After a few laps, I was able to make the pass on the #69 for 2nd, but ran out of laps while chasing the leader back down. I let the feature win slip away, but the runner-up finish put us back in the championship points lead by 4! We'll be back again next Friday for race number 6 of the season. It's been a very competitive year at Salem this season, with 5 different winners in 5 different races with our class. Be sure to check out the "Videos" page for some heat race win footage that will be uploaded soon.


Tonight's fair race at Thunder Valley has been cancelled due to large amounts of rain. This is probably a good thing for us since we'll have more time to get the car back into shape. We'll be back at Salem on July 12th.  


The "Points Standings" page has been updated. Weather permitting, we will be back at Salem tomorrow night for the Fair Race. We're hoping parts show up for the car today to get it in as good of shape as possible. It won't be back to 100% for tomorrow's race, but we'll at least have it on track to salvage some points. Who knows, sometimes wrecking makes them better. Should be interesting.


Overall we've had a pretty strong start to our 10th anniversary season. Our first three races had some up and downs, but were mostly good. Last night's race at Thunder Valley started as an up and ended as an upside down - well halfway upside down anyhow. After last weeks handling problems, we made some changes and showed up with a pretty strong setup. We ran well in the heat, and we were running 3rd and trying for 2nd in the feature. At that point I was ahead of the #11N - my closest competitor in the points. Coming out of turn 2 a few laps after a restart, my steering wheel just popped off. Now, these cars are pretty difficult to drive with steering, so you can imagine the feeling you would have if you were flying around a dirt track sideways and end up holding the wheel in your hand. You have now become a passenger with nothing to do but stomp on the sub-par brakes and hold on. The car continued in a straight line for the back-stretch wall, slammed it pretty hard, and tipped over on the left side of the car. Overall, it wasn't that bad of a wreck, but holding a helpless steering wheel in your hands while driving straight for solid concrete is an uncomfortable and irritating feeling. The damage to the car wasn't too severe, but we'll have to save our pennies for a few weeks until we can get everything repaired. In the meantime, we're going to patch it enough to hopefully make the Salem fair race this coming Thursday so we don't lose too many points. I went into the race leading by 2, so I should be trailing by 2 now after this. On a positive note, I went up to the grandstands after my race was over and signed a bunch of autographs and mingled with the fans. They seemed to really enjoy it and I did too. Now we've got to get to work to get back out there and give them something to cheer for next week! Be sure to check out the "Videos" page for an in-car view of the crash.  


The "Points Standings" page has been updated as of last Friday's race. Randy Orme Racing would also like to annouce a few promotions. I will be stepping up as Co-Owner alongside Dad. In addition to her secretary duties, Mom will be taking over the Team Manager title. Andrea will now be our assistant Team Manager.


We came up a little short in our quest for back-to-back wins last night at Thunder Valley. The track was very rough, rutted, and hard, and my car did not like it at all. We adjusted all night, but didn't come up with a solution that got power to the track and the wheels headed in the right direction. We didn't have anything for the leaders this time, but we ended up 5th and were able to hold on to the championship points lead. We'll work on developing a more neutral setup this week that will hopefully put us in position to be better prepared if the track does this again. The complete Thunder Valley Racing schedule is now posted on the "Schedule / Results" page. We will be running all the races at TVR while fighting for the championship. We also plan to throw in a couple of races at other tracks later in the season. Be sure to check out the "Photo Gallery" for pictures from our win last race.


Correction - Thunder Valley will NOT be running this Friday. We will be back in action there the following Friday, June 14th.


Tonight's race at Thunder Valley has been cancelled due to weather. We should be back there next Friday night. Check out the "Points" page for updated standings. 


Two cool videos from Friday night have been added to the "Videos" page. There's also a new "#03 Lightning Sprint 2013" album in the "Photo Gallery" with a few pictures from our first two races this season. More pictures from our win Friday will be added next week.


We finally got the monkey off our backs and won at Salem on Friday night! We had an intense battle with the #69 car in the heat race and ended up 2nd in it. We started outside pole for the feature, took off, and led flag-to-flag to capture our first Thunder Valley Raceway Feature win. It was a big relief to finally win at the track we have come so close at so many times. Just as cool is the fact that our win put us on top of the championship standings for the first time in our racing team's history. We hope to continue to rack up wins this season and pull off the track championship in our 10th year of racing. We'll be back at Thunder Valley this Friday (May 26th) to try to do it all again. There's still no official schedule released by the track, so we're going one race at a time right now. I'll have some cool videos and pictures posted in a couple days, so be sure to check back. 


Two new video clips have been added to the "Videos" page from Friday night's race at Thunder Valley. One is a GoPro shot of the Hot Laps, and the other is of the Heat race.


Well we finally got our first race of the year in last night at Thunder Valley. Mike has done a nice job getting the track fixed up. The car was really good in hot laps, but kept hitting the rev limiter at the end of the straights. We didn't have time between hot laps and the heat to change the gear, so we rolled with it. I started the heat up front and jumped out to a pretty good lead right off the bat. Unfortunately, I ran out of talent, got in a little too hard, and spun the car off of turn 4. I had to go to the tail, but was able to get back to 3rd in the last few laps. The car really fell off for the feature. We were having trouble turning in, getting a bite off, and either the lack of traction was causing the car to hit the rev limiter again, or the motor was cutting out for some other reason. We haven't had a chance to find out yet. Regardless, we managed another 2nd place finish, but still short of that elusive first Thunder Valley win. It was a good night for track championship points. We'll be going at it again next Friday. I'll have some video clips up in a few days, so be sure to check back.


Tonight's race at Thunder Valley has been cancelled due to rain. With any luck we'll get the season under way next Friday, May 17th. 


Well, the race is backed up another week to May 10th. Mike's Facebook says there's still some work he wants to get done before things get going, so another week should do the trick. The track's Facebook page should be up soon with more information and at least a partial schedule.  


If the weather holds out, we'll finally be running our first race this Friday (May 3rd). Mike has been working hard on the track all weekend to get it into good shape for the start of the season. Looking at the pictures he's posted on Facebook, it's the best Thunder Valley has looked since I've been racing there. We still don't know a whole lot of details about how things are going to work this year. I'm assuming start times will be the same (7ish). Keep checking back for more info. 


Good news race fans. Thunder Valley Raceway has a new promoter. Mike Tuell and his wife will be taking over and, if all goes well, we will finally be racing next Friday (May 3rd). I'll update the schedule when we find out for sure. 


Tonight's race at Thunder Valley Raceway have been cancelled. According to an announcement on the track website, Mason and Tawyna Fleetwood have stepped down as promoters and a replacement has yet to be named. It sounds kind of like there might not be any racing at all until they get this straightened out. We're going to see what we can find out in the next couple of days. I'm hoping TVR is up and running soon, so we can go after our Championship. If not, we'll have to find somewhere else to go for our 10th season. Stay tuned. 


Looks like our first race has been cancelled and moved to next Friday (4/19). Major bummer. We were pretty amped up for this one. The weather doesn't look great for next week either, but we're hoping. In the meantime, check out the "Videos" page for our first GoPro video of my little test session on Copperhead Raceway. 


We'd like to welcome KFC of Corydon, IN and Touchette Fabrication & Machine back to the team this year! We are now ONE WEEK away from the start of race season. We've got a couple of last minute things to finish, but the car is pretty much ready to go. We even tested it on Copperhead Raceway today, and it is running very nicely. I'll try to put up a video of our GoPro Camera test on Copperhead in a few days, so stay tuned. 


Thank you to Pennzoil 10 Minute Oil Change for their continued support this season! We are now two weeks away from the first green flag of the season. the car is about 80% ready. We've still got some work to do, but we'll be ready to rock come April 12th.  


We would like to thank H&R Block of Corydon, IN, Mel & Gina Markins, and Sandy's Nu Look Beauty Salon for their continued support! We are about halfway through rebuilding the car with four weeks left until race day. Everyone is excited to get started this year. Our 10th anniversary season has the potential to be our best yet!


Our first race of the 2013 season will be April 12th at the Thunder Valley Raceway in Salem, IN. Right now, we're not sure if we will be running an outlaw schedule again (various tracks - no points) or if we'll be running for the Thunder Valley track championship along with a few other shows thrown in. The initial plan was to run for the championship, but due to the fact that Salem has scheduled 22 races, we're not sure how funding is going to hold up. Right now, we're just going to test the waters in April and take it from there. Be sure to check the "Schedule / Results" page often, as our schedule will grow and change as the year goes on. After a few races, we'll make the announcement as to wether we plan to commit to chasing the title or not.


Well it looks like we didn't make the cut for the Champion Spark Plugs "Search for a Champion" contest. I'd like to thank Champion for the opportunity and thank all of you that voted for us!!! We'll just have to work extra hard to be competitive this year. You can check out our entry on the "videos" page if you haven't seen it. Also, be sure to check out the new "demos" page on the Scotty Orme Music portion of the site to hear a couple of the songs I've written.  


Only two days left to vote in the "Search for a Champion" contest! Thanks to everyone who has voted!!! We'd like to welcome back some returning sponsors this year. Thank you to Garmon's Farm, Evans Waterless Coolant, Trusty Tire Company, and Nitro Hog BBQ for your continued support! 


There are 10 days left in the opening round of the Champion Spark Plugs "Search for a Champion" contest. Thank you to everyone who has voted for us so far!!! You can still vote once per day through February 3rd to help decide the finalists. In other news, we will be updating our in-car camera this year to a GoPro. The advantages of the GoPro include a much clearer, high definition video, better sound, wider camera angle, and best of all - it'll even work when the sun goes down and the lights come on! So, be sure to check back after each race this year to see the race from the driver's seat! 


Happy New Year, everyone!! And welcome to Randy Orme Racing's 10th Anniversary season! We'll be back on track this year with the #03 Lightning Sprint, and we're hoping this will be our best season yet. We had a great year in 2012, but we're going at it even harder this year. While we don't have set plans for where we're going to race yet, we do have something big going on right now, and we need your help! We have entered Champion Spark Plug's "Search for a Champion" competiton. We had to enter a video highlighting our race team, and Champion will vote on their favorite 15 videos to receive a $5000 sponsorship for 2013. It gets even better. After the 15 finalists are chosen, voting will take place again to determine a grand prize winner of a $50,000 Champion Spark Plugs Sponsorship! Here's the thing - fans can vote for their favorite too and the fan vote counts for 1/3 of the overall tally. You can vote once PER DAY from January 2nd (tomorrow) through February 3rd. That will determine the 15 finalists. If we're one of the 15, you'll be able to vote again (once per day) from February 22nd through March 24th to determine the grand prize winner. To vote visit and scroll to the bottom of the page to register. Then to vote, look at the bottom of page 4 in the entry gallery to find our entry or just use this link: . Any votes would be appreciated more than you could know! We want to make this a very special season, and winning this sponsorship would be a great step in that direction. Don't forget - you can vote once per day! Thanks everyone.


Just wanted to give a quick update on what's happening. Our official plans for 2013 (our 10th anniversary season!) are not yet complete. We will definitely be campaigning our #03 Lightning Sprint again, but we haven't determined if we will do more touring, run strictly for the Thunder Valley Raceway track championship, or some combination of the two. The winter tear-down will begin in January. We have been working on an entry video for Champion Spark Plugs' "Search for a Champion" sponsorship competition. There are $5000 and $50,000 racing sponsorships up for grabs, and 1/3 of their decision on who wins is determined by fan vote. That's where you come in! We'll announce more information after the first of the year. In the meantime, we'd like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!


Our 2012 race season is officially complete. We considered running the last event at Thunder Valley, but after a lot of very hard racing this year, the #03 machine could use some off-season repairs. Though it was a relatively short season (9 races), 2012 may well have been our best season yet. The results were good, and it was a whole lot of fun having our own car on the track again. Season highlights include a feature win at Linton, 3 heat race wins, and 3 runner-up feature finishes. Thanks again to all the sponsors (Evans Waterless Engine Coolant, H&R Block of Corydon, KFC of Corydon, Garmon's Farm, Trusty Tire Co., Mel & Gina Markins, Sandy's Nu Look Beauty Salon, Pennzoil 10 Minute Oil Change, Nitro Hog BBQ, Wicked Products) and team members for making this year a big success. Check out the pictures from the Pennzoil appearance in the photo gallery, and be sure to continue to check back for updates. We'll be working this winter in preparation for Randy Orme Racing's 10th anniversary season in 2013.


Our #03 team and car will be making an appearance this Saturday (10/13) at the Pennzoil 10 Minute Oil Change Center on Charlestown Road in New Albany. If you're in the area, stop by and check out the car! Also, be sure to take a look at the new Salem photos by Tony Ogle in the 2012 Album of the Photo Gallery. 


We brought home another runner-up finish last night at Thunder Valley. We got a decent draw for the heat race and finished 2nd in it as well. We made a big gearing change last week, and it really paid off. We picked up around 3 mph on our lap times and closed a lot of the gap between us and the #28. We made him sweat a little this time. I was running completely wide open, so the car and driver were doing all that we could do. We're definitely getting close to that elusive Salem win. We haven't decided if we're going to run again in October, or go ahead and call it a season. We'll get things sorted out in the next couple of weeks. Either way, it's been a really good year. 


Weather permitting, we WILL be racing tomorrow night (9/28) at Salem. 


We came close to pulling off a win with race #100. Thunder Valley's track was in as good of shape as I've ever seen it, which made for some real fast lap times. We drew the last starting spot for the heat race (surprise, surprise), but made it up to 3rd at the finish.That put us inside the second row for the start of the feature. The #28 jumped out to a sizable lead with the #10 in tow and us not too far back in 3rd. We were starting to close in on the #10, when his axle broke, sending him into the wall and out of the race. I was hoping I had something for the #28 on the restart, but he took off like a scared rabbit. Our car was actually pretty phenominal - as good as it's been all year (and it's been a good year). We didn't quite have enough to take the win this time, so we settled for 2nd. I think if we experiment with gearing a little bit, we can eventually make up the difference. I'm not sure where or when the next race will be at the moment, but we're hoping to squeeze another one or two in before the season's over with. Stay tuned.


To gear up for our 100th feature, I've added a new album to the photo gallery. It's a countdown of our best races of the first 99. Be sure to check it out and look back on some of our favorite moments. 


We will be returning to action this Friday (9/14) at the Thunder Valley Raceway in Salem, IN. This event will be my 100th feature race. There probably isn't a more fitting venue for this milestone event, considering we have ran more races (28) at Thunder Valley than any other track. However, a feature win there has eluded us up to this point. I'm hoping we can make it happen on number 100.


All our parts are ordered, but unfortunately, it looks like we won't have everything we need in time for this Friday's race at Salem. Our next event will (definitely) be September 14th at Salem.  


Check out the new pictures in the 2012 album of the "Photo Gallery".  


We're having some issues finding parts we need to fix the damage from the rough track at Bloomington. We've pushed our next race back from the 17th to 8/24 at Salem. We're hoping to have everything ready by then.  


Dad and I headed in to the Harrison County Fair at Corydon last night to watch the debut of the King of TQ Midgets Series there. With this event being practically in our back yard, I was pretty bummed out by not finding a ride for the race. In a surprising (and really awesome) turn of events, the Goffs showed up to the race and Oogie let me climb back behind the wheel of his red #2 for my hometown race. I couldn't thank him enough. After years of running around the country, I couldn't have been happier than to get a chance to run a race right at home. The track was a tiny one, but for a first time effort, they did a really nice job on the surface. The three Goff machines took the top three spots in qualifying, with me and the #2 clocking in at 2nd fastest, which put me on pole for the 2nd heat race. I had quite a duel with the #17 for the entire 8-lap heat event. I ran on the outside, with him on the bottom. We went back and forth in a close battle, but I was able to pull off the heat race victory. I started outside pole for the feature, and slipped back to 4th on the start. I was having a lot of trouble getting the car to rotate off the corner, and really giving up a lot of time. I let another slip by on a restart, and gave up the 5th position when I got way wide off of 4 and had to run off in the grass a bit. We finished 6th. All in all, we were pleased with the night, and I was really happy just to have had the chance to be a part of it. Thanks again to Oogie and the Goff team. Any night in a race seat is better than one in the grandstands! The heat race is posted on the "Videos" page.


Check out the "Photo Gallery" for a few new 2012 pictures including the trophy from Linton.


We returned to non-wing racing last night at the short, slick Bakersfield Raceway Park in Linton, IN. We were strong in practice and looked to be en route to a pole in qualifying until I got way loose off of turn 4. We qualified 3rd. I started 3rd in the heat, picked off the leaders, and led the last two laps for my 2nd heat win of the year. The heat finish put us on pole for the feature. The #2 got a great start and jumped out to lead the first few laps. We were in the process of passing him in 3&4, when he drove in too hard and spun. We were able to avoid the incident and inherit the race lead once again. I stayed under fire from behind for the next few laps after the restart, but eventually stretched out the lead and WON THE FEATURE!!! We finally put an end to a long drought and scored a sweet victory at my favorite dirt track. The #03 machine has allowed us to start off this year stronger than any season before. In 6 starts we've managed a feature win, two heat wins, a 2nd, and two solid 6th place showings. We'll see how the funding holds out for the remainder of the season. Hopefully, we can keep adding up the good stuff.  


We've done some more adjusting on the schedule for the remainder of the season. First off, we've eliminated some of our travelling later in the year by removing the events at Lawrenceburg and Montpelier. We've added an event this Friday (7/27) at the Bakersfield Raceway Park in Linton, IN. We recently found out that they are now running a 1000cc Lightning Sprint class. We competed in four events at Linton five years ago in our #3 600cc Mini Sprint. It's the first track I ran non-wing at, and it is one of my absolute favorites. We're looking forward to our return. 


It was a rowdy one at Bloomington last night. Our Lightning Sprint class was there as a support series for the USAC Indiana Sprint Week event. As usual, we drew a high number and had to start in the back for our heat race. There were enough cars in our series to run a B-Main, so it was everyone's goal to transfer to the feature through the heats without having to run the B. The car wasn't perfect by any means, but we were able to run 5th in our heat and transfer straight to the feature. Our heat finish put us in 13th for the start of the feature. By the time the main event rolled around, the track had become extremely rough and rutted. We expected this to an extent, and had done all we really could to put a good setup on the car. Unfortunately, the car did not react well to the track. At all. I believe I spent more time airborn, or at least on one wheel, that it was very much difficult to keep the nose pointed in the right direction. After several laps of what had to look like a motocross rally, I pulled into the infield and called it a night. We're not running for points, and there was no sense in tearing the car up when we weren't making any ground and have several more races to run this year. As bad as the track was, every car was a wreck waiting to happen. I didn't want to be running outside of the top 10 with a car that was handling that bad, and be the guy to take out one of the leaders running for the championship. I never like to say we just plain got beat, but the track whooped us this time. We'll just turn around, get the car ready, and head back to our home track at Salem in a couple of weeks. I really think we can snag a win there before the year's over.


Tomorrow night's event at Brownstown has been cancelled due to the extreme heat. While we all want to go racing, the past two weekends have been good calls by track promoters. These temperatures make it dangerous for drivers, crew, officals, and fans. We will now be gearing up for the big Bloomington race on July 20th, where we will run as a support division for the 6th night of USAC Indiana Sprint Week!


Check out the "Photo Gallery" for some new pictures from Kokomo. 


Tomorrow night's race (6/30) at North Vernon has been cancelled due to the excessive heat advisory. I've got to say that this one is fine by me. There's hot and there's ridiculous, and 100+ degrees in a fire suit and helmet is bordering on ridiculous. We'll see you on July 7th at Brownstown.


Another solid effort last night at Kokomo against a competitive field. The car wasn't bad off the trailer, but not quite where we wanted it. We finished 5th in our heat race while trying to run the upper groove. We made some changes afterwards to make the car work on the bottom since it looked like the top would slick off for the feature. We started 9th, and gradually moved forward on the bottom to finish 6th at the end of the night. Considering we've run four races, and our last three finishes have been 6th, 2nd, and 6th, it's been a good start to the year with this new car. Our next event will be a wild card for sure. After running on 1/4 mile tracks of various configurations, we'll be tackling the big 3/8 mile in North Vernon next Saturday. Getting a good setup and the right gearing will be a challenge, but if we get it close, we'll be right there in the mix.


After building some momentum at our home track, we'll be starting a bit of a summer tour this weekend. First up, our 3rd attempt at the Kokomo Speedway this Sunday. While it's in the running for my favorite dirt track, Kokomo has yielded some bittersweet results in our first two attempts - both in the #16 UMRA TQ Midget. In our first appearance, I attempted some Grave Digger-style big air by ramping an infield tire. We were caught up in an early wreck while running 4th in our second feature there. I was, however, able to limp across the finish with a bent rim, missing shock, and flat tire, to claim the 2010 UMRA Rookie of the Year award. Following Kokomo, we'll head back a little closer to home on June 30th to run at the fast, 3/8 mile Twin Cities Raceway Park in North Vernon, IN. You never know what to expect at the big track, but our past efforts have ended in pretty solid nights - including our debut in the Goff Racing #2 TQ. On July 7th, we'll pull the wings off for our second non-wing event of the year: this time at the Brownstown Speedway. Brownstown has also been a good track for us in the past, but our last visit caught us off guard when the track became an ice skating rink for the feature. Wings or not, we're going back with a vengeance (and with a better setup!). Our fourth and final stop on our mini tour will be July 20th at the famed Bloomington Speedway. That night, we will be running as a support group for the 6th race of USAC Indiana Sprint Week. While we don't have a lot of experience at the little red clay bullring, we'll be throwing everything we've got at it in an effort to shine on a big night. In August we'll be back a little closer to home when we try to close the deal and get our first victory at the Thunder Valley Raceway. 


ALMOST. We came up just a hair short in what was a very successful night at the Thunder Valley Raceway. The night became a back-and-forth battle between myself and the #10 of Brian Harrison. In qualifying, Harrison scored the pole, with us timing in at 2nd fastest. We were able to get the drop on him in our heat race, though. I jumped out into the lead and led flag-to-flag for a sweet heat race victory. The heat win put us on pole for a VERY fast-paced feature event. When it was said and done, Harrison was just a little better on this night. We ended up 2nd. We were extremely pleased with our effort this weekend, but as a competitive driver, a runner-up finish is so close, yet so far away from the winner's circle. On the other hand, someone once said that things must be going really well when you're disappointed with a 2nd place finish. It really was a lot of fun, though. Check out the new pictures and video. Next up: Kokomo.


Check out the "Sports" section of this week's Corydon Democrat for an article about our team and Racing2Cure (it's really in there this time!). We will be back at Thunder Valley this Friday for their winged Lightning Sprint Special. We've had a couple of weeks off, so it'll be good to get back at it. The #03 car and I are still getting to know one another, but I think this is the best car we've ever started out with from the R.O.R. stable. Head on up to Salem Friday night and check us out!


Tonight's race at Salem has been cancelled due to rain. We'll be back there in two weeks for the Mini Sprint Special.  


Weather permitting, we will be returning to the Thunder Valley Raceway in Salem, IN tomorrow night to do battle with the local winged racers. Stillllllllll lookin' for that first Thunder Valley win. Wish us luck! 


Our return to Thunder Valley started out a little rocky, but ended pretty nicely. Hopefully, Joseph would be proud. The rocky parts came when a throttle issue kept us out of our practice session and we drew the very last starting position for our heat race. Fortunately, the car had a pretty stellar setup right off the trailer, and we were able to move from 8th to 4th in our heat. At this point in the night (according to the stopwatch) we were about the 3rd fastest car in either heat race. We started the feature in the 8th spot. There was almost 2 grooves, but the fastest way was right around the bottom, so a lot of guys were just trying to maintain their spots. Starting on the outside, I fell back to 10th in the first few laps before working my way up to 7th. I made a move for 6th on a restart, but was cut off and fell back to 8th. I was able to chase down two more cars to finish 6th at the checkered flag. With a better starting spot we could have had a really, really strong finish, but all in all we were really pleased with the run. Check out the "Videos" page for footage of the night's events, and check out the "Photo Gallery" for a few new pictures including the tribute to Joseph decals. Please continue to keep Sarah and her family in your prayers. We've also made an adjustment to our schedule. We will be replacing next weekends (June 2) event at Brownstown with a local show at Thunder Valley on Friday (June 1). I'd also like to say that, as fellow members of the open-wheel dirt track racing community, we're very proud to get to see Bryan Clauson start his first Indianapolis 500 on Sunday. Bryan and his family have battled through Midgets, Sprints, and Silver Crowns the past several seasons and are truly deserving of this amazing opportunity. It's great to see an American USAC star and Indiana native on the grid for the biggest race in the world. We wish Bryan and his team the very best of luck.


Return to the Valley: Tomorrow night, we will return to our home dirt track, The Thunder Valley Raceway in Salem, IN, for the first time in 3 years. We will be entering our #03 machine in the MMSA's first non-wing race of the season. Out of my 93 feature race starts, 26 have come at Thunder Valley, and 30 have been non-wing open-wheel events. We're hoping that everything will play in our favor to have a really strong run in this one. We will also be running memorial tribute on the side of the car for Joseph Lewis. A good friend of mine, Sarah Lewis, along with her son, Joseph, and daughter, Dallas, were involved in a car accident on Tuesday morning. Nine-year-old Joseph passed away in the crash. He was a great little guy, and will truely be missed. While Dallas was released with minor injuries, Sarah is still in the hospital and will be for quite some time. We ask that you keep Sarah and her family in your thoughts and prayers while they battle through this difficult time.


Looks like we didn't quite make it into the Corydon Democrat this week, but be sure to check out next week's issue!


Check out Wednesday's issue of the Corydon Democrat for an article about our team and Racing2Cure. There may be a few modifications to the race schedule coming up. We'll have a better idea next week.


Last night's event at Brownstown (our first full event of the season) was not our finest hour. The car started out excellent in practice. In fact, we turned lap times that were real close to the fastest cars on the track. The night went downhill quick when we went out for the heat race. We expected the track to slick off, so we adjusted accordingly. As it turned out, the track slicked off a LOT more than we expected. The car had no front grip on entry, no rear grip on exit, and no grip of any kind through the middle. Needless to say, we got beat pretty bad. Our poor finish in the heat put us near the back for the feature. We made numerous changes again to try to get some power to the track, but we didn't improve much. The track was like an ice skating rink all the way around - and we brought no skates. Soooo, not the night we had hoped for, especially after a very solid practice session, but at least we logged some laps. The good news is we'll be back at Salem's dirt track next Friday night without the wing. A style of racing and a track I've got a lot of experience at. Hopefully that will translate to a much smoother evening.  


Check out the "Media" page for a press release from Racing2Cure about our efforts this season. We will be back on track for our first actual feature this Saturday at Brownstown.  


We finally hit the track last night for our first race in nearly a year (and the first time we've had our own car on track in 3 years!). We were able to complete hot laps and the heat race at the Brownstown Speedway before the feature was called off due to rain - and lots of it. Though we didn't get a lot of laps in, we shook off the rust and learned a lot for the next go 'round. The car handled well, but we were off on gearing and finished 5th in the heat. We will be returning to Brownstown on May 19th. A couple of new pictures have been added to the 2012 album of the "Photo Gallery" and some video footage from the hot laps and heat has been posted on the "Videos" page.


Visit the "#03 Lightning Sprint 2012" album of the "Photo Gallery" page and you will finally find PICTURES OF THE NEW CAR!!!! All pages have been updated with 2012 car, driver,and team images. Also, be sure to check out the new intro video on the "Home" page. It is essentially nearly a decade of Randy Orme Racing rolled into about 2 and a half minutes. Just a few more days until the start of the 2012 season!


We would like to welcome two new team members to Randy Orme Racing: Dallas Garmon and Andrea Mathes. Dal has been involved with the team since the very beginning and even bought the new Mini Cup body we ran in '05. Andrea will be our new team photographer and a race crew member as well. Check back this weekend and early next week for PICTURES OF THE NEW CAR!!! Only 9 more days until we return to action!


The car is now ready to rock! The last bolt was tightened on Friday night, and we brought it out for a test run on Copperhead Raceway Sunday afternoon. Our little back-yard test track has always been reliable in gauging how a car is going to handle. If that's still true, we should have a pretty good machine this year in the #03 Lighting Sprint. A few new pictures of the building process have been added to the "#03 Lightning Sprint 2012" album of the "Photo Gallery". We'll have some pictures of the complete car pretty soon. Also, as you may have noticed by the "Next Event" message on the home page, we have moved our first race of the season to the April 28th event at Brownstown Speedway. We will still be adding 3-4 more races to the schedule as well.


We would like to welcome Sandy's Nu Look Beauty Salon and KFC of Corydon, IN back on board for the 2012 season. That pretty much wraps up pre-season sponsor signings, so it's back to the shop to get the car put together. 


I just added a couple of new pictures to the "#03 Lightning Sprint" album of the "Photo Gallery" page. Check out the fresh powdercoat on the bare frame. In the next few days it's going to start looking like a race car again.


We just got the frame back from powdercoating yesterday and applied the first coats of paint to the body this afternoon. Things will be coming together pretty quickly now.


We would like to welcome Wicked Products / Chem-Pak Solutions to the team this season. For a great line of auto and truck care products, vist or  


For the 2012 season, Randy Orme Racing has joined Racing2Cure, a great charity started by a young racer by the name of Hunter Stewart. R2C allows racers from across the country to unit to help raise funds and "Fight Cancer, One Lap at a Time". The charity strives to fight the "human side" of cancer by directly helping affected families with everyday needs during their difficult battle. There will be a permenant R2C logo on the home page of the website. To find out more, or donate directly through my driver profile page, simply click on the logo. 20% of your donation will come back to the race team so that we are able to continue to compete and raise awareness for Racing2Cure. 80% will go directly to cancer research and families fighting the battle. We have also posted a partial schedule on the "Schedule" page. At least 5 more races will be added once we decide when and where we'd like to run at.


We would like to welcome Pennzoil 10 Minute Oil Change back as a sponsor for their 7th consecutive year! Pennzoil products have kept every engine in every car we've had running strong all season long. 


We are proud to announce that, for the 9th consecutive year, H&R Block of Corydon, IN has joined the team once again! Also, be sure to check out the new "#03 Lighting Sprint 2012" album on the "Photo Gallery" page. You will find a picture of the way our new car looked when we brought it home.


R.O.R. would like to welcome new sponsor, Nitro Hog BBQ of Indianapolis to the team this season. Look for them at racing events all over, as well as a few of our own Lightning Sprint races. We got our new car home over the weekend. We'll soon be tearing it down, checking things out, powdering coating, painting, and re-assembling. We'll have a projected first race soon, along with a partial schedule.


We would like to welcome Trusty & Sons Tire Co., Mel & Gina Markins, and Garmon's Farm back as team sponsors this year. We would also like to welcome new sponsor, Evan's Cooling Products. They offer waterless engine coolants for a variety of automotive applications, including Heavy Duty, High Performance, and Powersports. Evans Waterless Engine Coolants have an increased boiling point that eliminates the occurance of boil over, cavitation, and detonation. One of my favorite features of the product is the fact that, because it contains no water, Evans Coolant will not cause corrosion or freeze. The bottom line is that their products solve heating problems, reduce maintenance costs, and can save on fuel consumption. Our Lightning Sprint's Suzuki GSXR 1000 motor will be cooled by Evans Powersports Coolant starting this season. For more information on Evans Waterless Coolants, click on the logo on the "Sponsors" page, or the web address on the "Links" page.


2012 Season Announcement - This season, for the first time in 3 years, a Randy Orme Racing-owned machine will take to the track. We will soon be trading our Sprint Car chassis, for a 1000cc Lightning Sprint. We plan to race a handful of races this year and a more complete schedule in 2013. While not as big of a step as 410 Sprint Car Racing, this will no doubt be a good move for the team. We plan to pick and choose events with the MMSA and AMSA, running both wing and non-wing races, all of which will take place on dirt. The picture on the right side of the home page is a draft of the way the new car will look. As you can see, we'll be back in black once again. More information and pictures will be added soon, once we get the car and secure some sponsors. Stay tuned.


Stay tuned for some exciting annoncements in the next week or so. We have made some changes to the game plan. The bad news is, our 410 Sprint operation will be put on hold until funding is secured in the future. The good news is, RANDY ORME RACING WILL BE BACK ON TRACK IN 2012!!!! Check back often for details on our new venture.  


Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still digging. There likely won't be much action for us this year unless I catch an occasional ride from Oogie or others, but we will once again be working towards the future. Times are hard all around right now and the world of racing, being inherently costly to begin with, is a very hard place to survive for teams, tracks, and sponsors. While many are closing their doors and hanging up the helmet, Randy Orme Racing will not go quietly into the night. We will do what it takes, as long as it takes, to rebound, build, and grow into one of the premier short track teams in the country. I welcome those that have stood with us to continue along for the ride, and I sincerely hope that individuals that can make a substantial difference will eventually feel stable enough to become a part of our program. There are a great many things I love about this earth, but I simply cannot exist as my full self without racing in my life. The same grit is present in all our team members, so I can promise that there will be much more to see of us in the future. Hopefully in the not-too-distant future.    -Scotty Orme


All of Indiana's sprint car races are over and all the major wingless championships have wrapped up for the season, so the "2011 Winner's Circle" page is now complete. Congratulations to all the 2011 feature winners and champs, and congratulations to Bryan Clauson on his 2nd USAC National Driver's Championship! Right now, there's really no news to report for Randy Orme Racing. As of right now, 2012 looks to be another off-the-track building year unless something falls from the sky in the next few months. The website will likely not be updated until after the first of the year unless there's any breaking news. So, that being said, we'd like to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas, and a wonderful New Year.


Week 5 of our on-the-road sponsorship campaign was a pretty easy one. 150 miles around Louisville seemed like a vacation after some of the trips we've been on. You would not believe how much I want to get the Sprint car on track next season. We have all the pieces in place, but unless we sign a couple of big sponsors before long, 2012 is going to be a lot like this season. Keep rooting for us guys. 


We put another 600 miles of sponsorship campaigning behind us yesterday with a trip to Columbus, OH. I don't know how much rainfall Ohio has had this year, but if they were below average, they made up for it yesterday.  


The entire motorsports community was saddened by the loss of Indycar star, Dan Wheldon, in today's IRL finale at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.  


Once again, we set out early yesterday morning for another day of our epic sponsorship search. This time, we travelled just over 450 miles and covered the Nashville, TN area. Will we secure the funding we need in time? Will we have to wittle a motor out of wood!? Will we be forced to pull the car to the track by horse and buggy?!?!? Is there a company just waiting for a program like ours?!!!!!!!? WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT!!!!!!??????? Tune in next week for the next exciting episode. 


We logged another 300+ miles of searching for potential team sponsors for 2012. Today's trip took us through the southwestern portion of Indiana; through Tell City, Evansville, Jasper, French Lick, and back. We had several more E-Proposal requests, so I would definitely consider today a success.  


We left at 6:30am this morning and returned around 7:00pm after a day of sponsorship campaigning that took us across 500+ miles of the southeastern portion of Indiana. In the next few weeks, we will be embarking on similar road trips in search of the funding needed for 2012. We generated a fair amount of interest today, so hopefully we will be experiencing some positive results. Wish us luck.


You'll notice a couple of subtle changes to the site, most notably, the "Our Story" page which is a quick history of R.O.R. condensed into a few paragraphs. Also, be sure to check out the "2011 Winner's Circle" page as the season winds down. I am beginning to add track and series Sprint Car champions at the bottom of the page.


I have redirected the home page of the site, so to continue to access the "Copperhead Custom Shop" art store, simply click on it's name in the menu at the top of the screen. 

Since my last post, we have continued researching and pursuing poetential sponsors, both in traditional fashion and as a part of our "Hoosier 600" program. Our marketing packages have continued to evolve over the past few weeks and will hopefully become instrumental in securing the needed funding to go Sprint Car racing next season. In other news, Dad and I attended a Sprint race at the Lincoln Park Speedway two weekends ago to talk to some of the driver's and learn a little more about the sport we're moving into. The track, located in Putnamville, IN, put on a very good show that evening. It will likely be one of the first places we visit with our Sprint once we're up and running. While there, I got a chance to meet my Sprint Car hero, Jon Stanbrough, which was also pretty dang cool. We'll keep on working and hopefully have some good news for you guys real soon. Stay tuned.


You'll notice a new portal screen when you log onto the website. I have added a separate section of entitled: The Copperhead Custom Shop. It is a store where you can view and purchase various creations. I currently only have Wood Burnt flat artwork with a variety of themes, but I plan to eventually build and modify some electric guitars, guitar parts, and who knows what else. There is a link to the Custom Shop in the menu of the racing site, so be sure to check it out. For you strictly-racing-fans, just continue to click on the "Randy Orme Racing" logo on the first page, and it'll take you right back home. Now, back to Project: Hoosier 600.....


After almost a year, we finally caught up with Tony Stewart yesterday at an autograph session for J.D. Byrider in Louisville. I had him sign my "Tony Stewart Rookie of the Year" award, so I can mark that off my list! I also gave him an information packet on myself and the team. Maybe someday I'll actually get a chance to talk to him for a little bit and get some advice from someone who's already made it to where I hope to go. Be sure to check out the "2011 Sprint Car Project" album on the "Photo Gallery" page for some pictures from the autograph session.


One final picture has fianally been added to the "#16 TQ Midget 2010" Photo Album on the "Photo Gallery" page. Scroll down to the last photo on the third page for a photo with long-time sponsors, Henry and Pat Durbin of KFC - Corydon, IN. Also, be sure to visit the "Videos" page. I have uploaded a sneak peek of our sponsorship campaign that we are currently working on. More details about Project: Hoosier 600 will be given during the remainder of the season.


Randy Orme Racing is now on Click the link on the "Home" page and check us out. I have posted another YouTube clip of USAC Sprint Car Racing action from Ocala, FL. Since we're not hitting the track much this season, I figured I'd keep you entertained with footage of the cars we are moving into. Head to the "Videos" page and enjoy. 


Howdy race fans. We are currently in the beginning stages of launching one of the most ambitious sponsorship searches in motorsports (I've never heard of anybody doing it). We are in the planning and researching phase right now, and will begin a several-month-long campaign in the next few weeks. I'll give more details once things get under way. Hopefully, if this idea works (and it is a crazy one), we will have our Sprint Car team up and running strong for the 2012 season. Wish us lots of luck, we're going to need it.


No big news to talk about at the moment. We're currently cleaning out the shop, organzing, and selling old parts to make a little room and spare change for our sprint car efforts. Stay tuned. 


We were back in action with the Goffs again last night at the Montpelier Motor Speedway (one of my favorite TQ tracks). We had to overcome the usual adversity. A broken ground wire on the battery kept our #2 machine from turning any laps in practice, so we were a little behind on the setup for the newly-reconfigured dirt track. I started outside pole in my heat race, but couldn't get the car to turn into the corners very well, and I slipped back to 4th by the finish. We started 10th in the 20-car field for the feature. We had made some changes to the car after the heat that turned out to be the right moves. The car handled perfectly. Unfortunately, my starting spot put me back in some very heavy traffic. I picked the wrong lane to follow on the start, and got freight-trained on the inside. I fell back to 15th, before falling in line and moving forward again. Despite the amazing performance of the #2 car, I had trouble getting around the guys between me and the front. Looking back at it on video, I see where I could have pushed it in a little farther here, or gotten a little more aggressive there, but that's the way it goes sometimes. A good heat finish is important in these races. We had a great heat last weekend, and in turn, we were running 4th in the feature. This time around, I slipped up in the heat, and got stuck mid-pack in the feature. All in all, I'll give the car an A+, the driver a B-, and for luck we'll go with a D. We've had some computer issues this week, so it'll be a few days before we get any video up (it is some pretty cool footage, though). It will probably be a little while before we hit the track again, so in the meantime we'll get back to working on sprint car sponsorship and cleaning the shop. Once again, I can't thank Oogie and the entire Goff Racing crew enough for the opportunity, and I'm looking forward to when we get to go at it again. 


Just got a call from Oogie. We're going to be back in action this Saturday at Montpelier! Weather permitting, that is. Wish us luck! 


Looks like we'll be sitting at home today. I just recieved a call that tonight's race at Kokomo has been cancelled due to rain, which is pretty disappointing considering how good Oogie's #2 car was at Brownstown last night. Rain clouds danced around us all evening, but we were lucky enough to get the show in between showers. I got a pretty good draw for the heat race and joined a 4-car breakaway at the front. The car was pushing badly in practice, but seemed to be just about perfect in the heat. I was solidly in the 4th spot trying to find a way around the #50 of Ron Combs, when the #23 flipped off of 2 and brought out the red. On the restart, Combs slipped under the #19 of fellow Goff driver, Patrick Wolf. I was able to squeeze my way under Wolf coming off of 2. He drove hard around me going into 1 on the next lap, but I was able to cross over and pass him back off of 2. I finished a strong 3rd, while teammate Jason Goff took the heat race victory. My finish in the heat race put me inside the 3rd row for the feature. The race had a pretty clean start and I was able to move right into the 4th spot. The car was pushing in the center of the corner, so I stiffened up the right rear shock during a red flag for another flip. I remained in the 4th spot after the restart, keeping pace with Combs in 3rd, and staying comfortably ahead of Wolf in 5th. A few laps later, we had yet another red flag for the flipped #24 on the front stretch. Once again, I was running solidly in 4th after the green dropped again. Then, coming off of 4, the car kicked out of gear like it did at North Vernon. With the #2 being set up quite a bit different than the #16 was last year, I don't know if I'm not getting the car locked in gear good enough, or what. I was able to jam it back in gear in 1 & 2, but the car started loading up and dying on the next lap around. I wasn't quick enough to get it back under power before I came to a stop on the backstretch, bringing out the yellow.  I was confident that I could probably get back to where I was running in the closing laps. Here's where the frustration comes in. Despite the fact that UMRA allows drivers one restart, if they spin, stop, or wreck, Brownstown Speedway officials would not let me continue. Oogie argued with them, but in the end, we had to park in the infield. This was, in our minds, a completely wrong call. So, in the end, we had the race taken away from us, which is a shame considering we had a top 3-4 car. But, that's how it goes sometimes. All in all, I had a great time. The #2 is a phenominal machine and a blast to drive. I'm still just greatful for the opportunity to race with the Goffs. I will be returning to action for the Goffs off and on this season, trading the ride back and forth with some of the teams' veteran drivers. I don't know which race I'll be running next, but it will be posted here when I find out. The "Videos" page has been updated with footage from last night's heat race, so be sure to check it out. In the meantime, I am going to get back to work searching for sponsors for our sprint car efforts that will hopefully get up and running next season.


Happy Mother's Day to all of you Mom's out there! Don't forget to check out the "2011 Winner's Circle" page to see who's tearing it up on the Indiana Sprint Car scene.


Check out the "Videos" page for some clips from Saturday night's race at North Vernon. I have also updated the "Results" and "Schedule" pages. All of you Sprint car fans be sure to take a look at the "2011 Winners Circle" page for this weekends winning drivers. I'd also like to thank H&R Block of Corydon, IN and Mel & Gina Markins for their continued support in 2011.


I woke up Saturday morning pretty bummed that I was going to be sitting home while races were going on all over the place without me. However, things quickly turned around when I received a call from Oogie Goff asking me if I'd be interested in driving his #2 TQ Midget in the UMRA race at the Twin Cities Raceway Park in North Vernon, IN. Accepting the offer was an easy decision. The Goffs operate the most decorated team in UMRA racing. Many drivers would do about anything to get a shot in one of their five machines. Our night started off a little slow. During hot laps, the car was cutting out when I'd move past half throttle. After the problems persisted in the heat race, the team replaced the fuel pump and fixed our issue. I started in the last row in the feature race. After a few laps of getting the feel for the red #2, I began to move forward. I made it up to the 8th position when I hit a rut and the car slipped out of gear. I had to be re-fired, so I was sent to the back once again. In the remaining laps, we were able to make it back up to the 8th spot, for a satisfying first run. The best news is that following the feature, I was invited to return to the #2 car in the upcoming races at Brownstown and Kokomo! The #2 won at both of those tracks last season, so it's up to me to have my game face on when we roll through the gates. I can't thank Oogie enough for this opportunity. I have added an "On-Track 2011" album to the "Photo Gallery" page for shots of any action that we get to see this year.


12:45 P.M. - I just got an offer an hour ago to drive one of Oogie Goff's TQ's tonight at North Vernon!!! Wish us luck!


I have added a few new pictures of my sponsors and I to the "2010 TQ Midget" album of the "Photo Gallery" page. There are also a couple of new pictures in the "2011 Sprint Car Project" album.


All dirt sprint car races in the state of Indiana have been rained out for the second weekend in a row, so you won't find any new winners on the "2011 Winner's Circle" page. Mother nature is has got her game face on this month. I'm thinking of equipping our Avenger chassis with an Evinrude and switching the Hoosiers for skies. We should be able to dominate the early spring races in 2012. Have a happy Easter everyone! 


I have added a "2011 Winner's Circle" page to the site. Check back each week to see who won the weekend's wingless dirt sprint car races in the state of Indiana. These will be the guys I'll have to beat to land in the winner's circle when we get our sprint program off the ground.


I would consider yesterday's trip to the Mid-America Trucking Show a success. We were able to make several new contacts in the trucking industry and passed out several marketing proposals for 2012. There was a lot of positve feedback and interest this year. Hopefully our weeks of preparation for the event will lead to some mutually beneficial partnerships that will allow our team to continue to grow towards its potential. I have added a "Marketing Opportunities" page to the site with contact information for anyone interested in unique marketing programs with Randy Orme Racing.


The team is currently getting organized to attend the Mid-American Trucking Show in Louisville at the end of the month. The show is our biggest sponsorship hunt of the year. I have been busy putting marketing proposals together for the past few days. We're hoping that our sprint car project is successful in attracting some helpful sponsorship dollars to get us off the ground for next season.


I apologize for the lack of news lately. I have been fighting an ear infection and a variety of complications from it for the past month. I'm seeing some improvement though, which is great, considering it is about time to re-organize the race shop from the clutter of the off-season. The UMRA TQ deal I mentioned in the last post is probably not going to work out, due to the fact that the owner has decided to sell his car as well. I have discussed full Midget rentals with a variety of USAC team owners in the past few weeks, but I haven't found anything that would work out yet. I am hoping to get 3 or 4 races in a TQ again this season. There are some tracks I would like to revisit without the stresses of the Rookie of the Year title. We will be building on our sprint car program throughout the year. It will be a slow process, but I have big plans for Randy Orme Racing's future. If any big news comes up, you'll find it right here. Stay tuned.


I don't have any offical news for 2011 just yet. The team has been spending the winter discussing options, attending trade shows, and catching up with sponsors. It is still uncertain whether or not our new sprint car will see action this season, though I am hoping to get a little seat time with it late this year. We are however, currently discussing a potential deal to run a partial schedule with the UMRA TQ Midgets again, but nothing has been decided for certain. We are awaiting a phone call to discuss things further. Stay tuned. - I have also posted a new clip of my 2010 highlight reel on the "Videos" page. The last video was freezing up halfway through. I had to remove the intro, but everything is working now.


Check out the "Videos" page for a 2010 highlight video I put together. It will be used as a promotional video in searching for rides, sponsors, etc. 


Happy New Year ya'll! I've added a few new pictures to the #16 TQ Midget Album of the "Photo Gallery" page, so be sure to check them out.


2011 Season Announcement: After a year of combined efforts with Koontz Racing to win the UMRA Rookie of the Year title, Randy Orme Racing will return to fielding it's own cars in 2011. We have purchased a rolling Sprint Car chassis (yes, you read it correctly; Sprint Car). We acquired everything we need to go racing including spares with the exception of a motor. We plan to gradually build the car over the first half of the 2011 season and hopefully get a temporary motor in the car to get on track and get a little experience. R.O.R plans to develop into a dedicated Sprint Car team over the course of the next few seasons with our sights set on the Midwest Sprint Car Series, USAC, Indiana Sprint Week, the high-banks of Eldora Speedway, and the Knoxville Nationals. We hope to attract enough attention with our own efforts to find rides for me with bigger teams in the future. This will be quite a challenge for our little team, but we plan to take it one step at a time until we can become a successful sprint car operation. I have added pictures of the new car in the "2011 Sprint Car Project" album of the "Photo Gallery" page. I have also added an awesome video clip on the "Videos" page of USAC Sprint Car action from Perris Speedway as well a new "Sprint Car Racing" page that describes what this sport is all about. There will be a lot of big things happening over the next few months, so stay tuned.


We are currently working on plans for 2011. We will not be returning to the UMRA in the #16 car next season. Koontz Racing is switching from a 3-car TQ Midget team to a 1-car full Midget team, fielding a car for owner, Michael Koontz. Our Randy Orme Racing team has it's sights set on a specific class of car next season, but it will be a matter of securing sponsorship. In the meantime, I hope to hop an occasional ride with other car owners throughout the season. Hopefully, we will have a better idea of the direction we're headed in after the first of the year. Thanks again for all of the support this season. We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year!


Check out the sports section of today's "Corydon Democrat" for an article written by Brian Smith, about our rookie season in the UMRA. Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!


The 50th Anniversary of the UMRA TQ Midget Series officially came to a close last night at the club's awards banquet in Shelbyville, IN. The entire Koontz Racing team had a successful 2010 season, which showed during the presentation. As the driver of the #16 car, I recieved the "Tony Stewart Rookie of the Year" Award, a trophy for 7th place in the overall standings, a trophy for 8th place in the Pavement Championship, and an award for perfect attendance at all 21 UMRA events. My Mom, Dad, and I also recieved the Sportsmanship Award along with the Hamm Racing family. Michael took home 4th place in overall driver points, 7th place in Pavement points, Car Owner Points Awards, and the President's Award for his outstanding work and dedication to helping the UMRA grow and acheive a great deal of success in it's 50th year. Check back often for new pictures and news regarding the 2011 race season.


Check out this link:, for a highlights clip from Meek's Video of the Kokomo Klash. The clip has footage of the Thunder Car, Mini Sprint, and UMRA TQ Midget Races from the night. The UMRA highlights include a good shot of the pileup that nearly took us out of the race.


I have added a few new pictures to the "Photo Gallery" and posted videos clips of the heat and feature on the "Videos" page.


Our 2010 season ended in dramatic fashion in Friday night's season finale at the Kokomo Speedway. We headed into the race 8th in points, 23 points ahead of Jon Steed in the Rookie of the Year standings. Things started off smoothly. It was clear in our practice session that we had a fairly strong car that didn't require many setup changes throughout the night. We started 3rd in our heat race, briefly fell to 4th, and then moved back up to 2nd. I made a mistake coming off of turn 2, and slipped back to 4th, where I would finish. Jon ended up 5th in his heat, which in turn put me 27 points ahead going into the feature. We started 3rd row on the outside, got a great start, and slipped into 4th. The car was VERY fast. I was in a 3-car battle for third when the #92 spun in front of me. With nowhere to go, I slid into him hard with my right side, and was then nailed in the left-rear by the #78. Our little pileup was struck again when the #10 plowed into the back of us. When my car came to a stop, I was facing the fence with the #78 at rest on top of my #16 car. Needless to say, the points situation was in danger seeing as Jon's #7 emerged untouched. Fortunately, despite heavy damage including a severely bent left-rear wheel and a flat right-front tire, my car was able to restart and soldier on. Even with the damage, I maintained a competive pace for the first few laps after the restart with Jon running 2 spots ahead of me. A few laps later, my right-front shock came off as a result of the wreck. This made things increasingly more difficult. I was forced to slow my pace and limp the remainder of my car home. Staying out on the track with the damaged #16 not only allowed us to move up to 7th in the final overall point standings, but it meant that we also clinched the 2010 UMRA "TONY STEWART ROOKIE OF THE YEAR" title!!!!!!! It was a tremendous relief after all of the mechanical failures at the beginning of the season and the hard-fought comeback through the summer months. To add icing to the cake, Michael jumped to 4th place in the final point standings despite flipping in the feature. I've got to thank teammates, Dickey and Mark, for driving all the way to Kokomo to be a part of the crew in our final showdown of the season. I also want to thank Mom and Dad for all of their hard work this season and there unwavering support of my dream, Andrea for her support these last few races, Mamaw and Dal for all of their good luck wishes and support, all of my fans that have cheered me on this season, for coming on board as an awesome hands-on primary sponsor this season, long-time sponsors: H&R Block of Corydon, IN, KFC of Corydon, IN, Trusty & Sons Tire Co., Mel & Gina Markins, Sandy's Nu Look Beauty Salon, Garmon's Farm, and Pennzoil 10 Minute Oil Change, Koontz Racing sponsors: Lineal Contracting, Woods Electrical Contractors, North American Race Gear, and Leader's Edge LLC, Tommy Vest, Mike Manifold, and The Goff Racing Team for all of their help and advice this year, Kenny Miller for his wicked-awesome motors and advice, and the UMRA racers and club members for providing awesome competition and welcoming us as a part of the family. Most of all I want to thank Michael Koontz for making this year possible and doing everything possible to put me in a competitive ride. He took a chance on a young racer he'd never even met, giving me a chance to do what I couldn't have otherwise, and I cant' thank him enough. The 2010 race season has been an incredible experience. We will likely return to the UMRA in 2011. News will be posted here as decisions are made about next season. The "Results" page has been updated as well as the "Points" page with final overall point standings and final pavement series point standings. New videos and pictures will be added soon.


The "Points" and "Results" pages have been updated. I have added a video of Saturday night's heat race to the "Videos" page. The heat started off extremely well, but had a rather disappointing ending. It's still a cool clip though. We've got a little off time before Kokomo. I plan to take my time making sure the #16 is reading to kick some tail, and also do a little thinking and planning for 2011.


We finally gave ourselves a little breathing room after last night's 50-lap feature at the Mt. Lawn Speedway. I started on pole in my heat race, led the first lap, ran 2nd for the next several, and then slipped up on the last lap and fell to 4th. I had a really good start in the feature, but got tangled up in a traffic jam in turn 3 on the first lap, got spun out, and was sent to the back. Nothing like making things interesting. I quickly got back by the #7 car and after a couple of laps passed the #4 and #28. The remainder of the race was pretty much follow-the-leader. I ended up 11th, but put 4 positions between myself and Jon. We should be heading into the finale at Kokomo with a 23 point rookie lead. I'm excited to end the season on dirt!!! Stay tuned.


The "Points" and "Photo Gallery" pages have been updated.


The Rookie of the Year battle was intense last night at Anderson Speedway. The fastest track on the circuit made for an exciting backdrop for the hottest rivalry in the series. I learned something in the first practice session that helped us find a ton of speed. I was 7th fastest in the 2nd session, 7 tenths faster than my Rookie competition, Jon Steed. I made a mistake in qualifying, but still managed a 9th place effort which gained me an extra 2 points. After a very intense battle, Jon held me off in the heat race and gained a few points back. The car wasn't quite as perfect in the feature, but it was enough to get the job done and finish 10th, ahead of Steed's #7 once again. Only 2 more races to go. We head into the final pavement race of the year with an 8 point lead. Michael brought the #17 machine home in 7th. The "Results" and "Videos" pages have been updated.


The "Points" page has been updated.


We had another interesting night at the Decatur County Fairgrounds. The car was awesome all night long, but it didn't seem like we could catch a break early on in the day. After the inverts and some rough on-the-track luck, we started the feature in the 16th posistion. About 5 laps into the race, there was a wail of a pileup in 1 & 2. I was able to sneak through and came out the other side in 8th. After a few laps I passed Michael for the 7th position. We were able to hold on to 7th, finishing one spot behind Brandon Gray in the Koontz Racing #18 car. Michael had a strong run going, but got caught up in a wreck late in the race. We lost a few points in the Rookie Standings, but we held the lead with our feature finish. The "Results" page has been updated. There will be a new video posted a little later today. There are two pavement races up next on the schedule. Stay tuned.


Only 4 races remain on the 2010 UMRA schedule. Two of which are on pavement and two on dirt. This Saturday is one of the biggest events on the UMRA schedule: Greensburg's "Fan Appreciation" event at the Decatur County Fairgrounds. I made my TQ debut last year at Greensburg in Koontz Racing's #18 car, and had a strong run during this year's fair race in the #16. We are hoping to increase our Rookie of the Year point lead and give ourselves a little more room to breathe. The #16 team will be dedicating this event to the ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). During the autograph session, along with autograph cards and Racing T-Shirts, we will be handing out information about the ASPCA and ASPCA wrist bands. I will also be donating my portion of the winnings to them. Greensburg is one of my favorite tracks and the ASPCA is one of my favorite charities, so I'm pretty excited about this weekend. Wish us luck! 


A few new pictures have been added to the "Photo Gallery". 


"Points" standings have been updated. 


Last night's race at the Mt. Lawn Speedway in New Castle was another interesting one. We tried a slightly different setup in the first practice session, and the #16 car let us know real quick that it didn't like the change. The car was laying over waaaay to hard on the right-rear and I had the car up on two wheels in turn three at one point. A light breeze would've probably flipped the car over. We made some big changes througout the night and made the car 100% better. We qualified 10th, finished 5th in our heat, and ended up 10th in the feature after avoiding a traffic jam caused by a car running on a flat right-front that refused to pull off the track. The track was much faster for the feature, and we were off quite a bit on gearing, but we'll know better next time. The major success of the night was that we extended our Rookie of the Year point lead by a few points and recieved the Rookie of the Race award. Michael had another solid night, qualifying 5th, finishing 3rd in his heat, and 7th in the feature. Another highlight of the night was the fact that it was Mt. Lawn's fan appreciation weekend. After qualifying, all of the fans came down to the infield to get autographs, talk with the racers, and check out the cars. Our UMRA TQ midgets seemed to be one of the crowds favorite divisions. We'll have a rare week off next weekend, and return to action on September 11th for fan appreciation night in Greensburg. I have updated the "Results" page. New videos will be posted later today. 


Tonight's race at Brownstown has been rained out. Major bummer. I've added some pictures from North Vernon to the "Photo Gallery"


The UMRA visited the biggest, fastest dirt track on the schedule last night at Twin Cities Raceway Park in North Vernon, IN. We had another solid night at a track we had only seen briefly in '07. Our 5th place finish in the heat race put us pretty far back for the feature. The field had a pretty clean start, but the red came out a few laps into it when the #80 and #18 got into a pretty good wreck in 1 and 2. I nearly spun trying to avoid it and got tagged in the side by the #12, but we got away without any damage. A few laps after the restart, I got too big of a head of steam in 1 and 2, and spun out on the bottom. After that little slip, I had a long way to go and a short time to get there. I ran the high line for a few laps and made up a couple of spots. We had another caution, and I got a good jump on the restart and took another position. Fortunately, my rookie of the year competition made a mistake late in the race and also spun out. This allowed me to extend my point lead ever so slightly. We brought the car home in 9th after a very exciting feature. The "Results", "Points", "Photo Gallery" and "Videos" pages have all been updated.


A few new pictures from Anderson have been added to the "Photo Gallery". 


The "Points" page has been updated.


It is currently 4:05 am, and it has been a very, very long day. The afternoon started off kind of ugly when our tow vehicle broke down on the side of I-65. After hitching a ride from a Bartholomew County police officer to get parts and trying everything we could think of, we still couldn't get the truck rolling. Fortunately, Michael was able to swing by and pick up me, mom, and the car on his way to the track. Dad had to stay behind and wait on a wrecker to tow our rig back home. We managed to survive the evening without one of our key team members, but it made things a little more hectic. The car wasn't very happy in practice, and despite changes, got much angrier as the night went along. We qualified 9th and finished 5th in our heat race. Michael's night went south when his motor let go in qualifying, taking him out of the remaining events. In the feature, the car drove worse than a Freightliner tri-axle, but we were able to finish 8th. I've got to thank Michael and Mike for all there help getting us to the track, Mom for doing two jobs at the track, and Dad for driving hundreds of miles to get our rig home and come back in time for the last 4 laps of the Feature. Awesome team. The "Results" page has been updated. We won't have any new videos this week. Circumstances didn't give us the opportunity to get much good footage. 


You may have noticed that the site has been down for a few days. I apoligize for the inconvenience, but we're up and running again! Here's what you missed: Thursday night we competed in the fair race at the Brownstown Speedway. After a dumb mistake on the driver's part in the heat race (which I prefer not to discuss), we started at the tail for the feature. After 25 laps and a whole lot of chaos, We came sliding across in 9th place at the finish. Saturday night at the Montpelier Motor Speedway (my favorite TQ track) went especially well. I started 5th and finished 3rd in the heat race, which put me mid-pack on the outside for the start of the feature. It was quite an action-packed event. There were five of us battling for position behind a slower car at one point (this allowed the top 5 cars to break away). I finally got around some of the mayhem, and proceeded to chase down the leaders. I ran out of time and finished 6th - which is my best finish of the season so far. The best news is that the finish put me back into the Tony Stewart Rookie of the Year points lead by 13 points!!! I would also like to congratulate Kellen Conover for a heat win and a 2nd place feature finish at Montpelier in the Koontz Racing #18 car. Check out updates on the "Videos", "Results", and "Points" pages.


The "Points" page has been updated. 


We're gaining ground in the Rookie of the Year standings week after week. Last night's race at the Mt. Lawn Speedway in New Castle, IN was a pretty good success. New Castle has been a difficult stop for us ever since our first visit there with the mini cup in '04, but this time around we were able to come away with a satisfying top 10. We ended up 5th in our heat and 9th in the feature. Michael and I dueled all night. I got the best of him in the heat, but he passed me back in the feature. We've got 2 great tracks coming up this weekend (Brownstown and Montpelier) so we'll focus on keeping the momentum rolling. The "Videos" and "Results" pages will be updated later today.


The #16 car is locked and loaded for Mt. Lawn Speedway this Saturday. New Castle's challenging pavement track is always a tough stop on the schedule, but I'm more confident than I've ever been, and excited to take another swing at the place. I also want to mention that we will be competing at Brownstown Speedway next Thursday night. The people at the track were impressed with the UMRA enough to invite us back for their fair race. Should be fun.


The "Points" page has been updated. 


It was a hot one in Bartholomew County! That kind of temperature makes grown men in firesuits question their sanity. Our #16 team had another solid effort at the flat, paper-clip-shaped fairgrounds track. We started 5th in our heat and finished 3rd, barely missing 2nd. In the feature, we started 9th, fell back to 12th, and moved back up to finish 9th. It was another great points weekend and gives us a good shot of confidence heading into another pavement race at New Castle next weekend. The "Results" page has been updated, and I should have a couple of videos posted later today.


UMRA has made some changes to the last three races on the schedule this year. We will be racing a rain-make-up event at Anderson Speedway on September 18th. Our 50-lap event at the Mt. Lawn Speedway has been pushed back a week to September 25th. As our season-ending event, the UMRA has been invited to be a part of Kokomo Speedway's 4th annual "Kokomo Klash". We will be racing on day 1 (October 15th) of the three day event. Also on the schedule that night are non-wing sprints, midgets, and 600cc mini sprints. 


Pictures from Brownstown have been added to the "Photo Gallery". 


The "Results" and "Points" pages have been updated after Brownstown. Be sure to check out the "Videos" page this week. We've got footage from the Greensburg heat and feature, and the Brownstown feature, all of which came out really well. I also tried an experiement with my in-car camera at Brownstown and pointed it at me inside the cockpit. It's not a great view, but still relatively entertaining. 


2:32 a.m. - Pretty exciting weekend! At Greensburg, the car was awesome right off the trailer. We made minimal changes and had a good car all night. The opposite was true at Brownstown. The car was not very happy at all during the heat race. We basically threw out our original setup and started over for the feature. It was a gamble, but the changes worked really well. We ran a little conservatively for the first few laps until I found a groove that the car and I were both happy with. Once we found it, we set sail and made up a lot of I didn't realize how good the car was until I saw the video and saw the distance I put on the cars behind me and the distance I made up on the cars in front of me. Unfortuately, I got a little over-excited going into turn 3 to take the 8th position when I spun the car out. I headed to the tail for the last few laps, but was able to pick off a couple of spots and move back to 12th. We had a couple of mistakes (driver related, therefore more easily fixable) this weekend, but all-in-all we learned a lot, and had a couple of great runs. We also closed the gap considerably in the rookie standings. I'll have more updates later tomorrow....or, uh.....tonight.....ah, whatever. These early mornings / late nights are hard to keep straight!


3:03 a.m. - We just rolled in from the fair race at Greensburg. It was quite an evening. I started on pole for my heat race and was able to bring it home in 2nd behind Ron Combs in the Tony Stewart-owned #50, and ahead of Michael in the #17. Our strong heat race run put us in the 7th starting spot in the feature. We got a decent start and settled into 6th position for a few laps until the #80 got out of shape down the front stretch and spun going into 1. I cut the car hard trying to avoid him and spun myself out in the process. The end result was a pretty good sized pileup that ended with the #13 on his lid. Fortunately for us, despite being run over by two or three cars during the wreck, our #16 car was still in perfect working order. However, because of being involved in the incident, we had to restart on the tail. (I do love a challenge, though). I picked off several positions, working my way forward. I had made it back to 13th when I was knocked out of the way by the car behind me. This kicked me back to 15th with two to go. I got a heck of a run on the #51 in the center of 3 & 4 on the last lap, and was making the pass down low, when he cut to the bottom. We touched, and I came across the finish line on two wheels. Overall, it was a pretty fun night (and a good points night). We'll get up in a few hours and get the car ready to go at it again in Brownstown. Stay tuned. 


I have added a few new pictures to the "Photo Gallery" from Montpelier. 


Happy 4th of July, everybody! After a frustrating start to our 2010 season, we have finally found light at the end of the tunnel. The changes we made last week chased away whatever gremlin was lurking around inside the #16 car (which is a relief, because we didn't really have anything left to change). We were able to run both practice sessions back to back (a total of 15 laps) without any problems. Previously, the car was unable to go much past 8 laps without shutting down. We had a very strong run in the heat race, and started mid-pack in the main event. The car handled perfectly throughout the feature. I had worked my way to 10th and was fighting for 9th, while running about 5 positions ahead of my rookie competition. Now, the bad news. (C'mon, it's never that easy, right?) We had a caution with about three laps to go. While coasting around under caution, my car began to vibrate....violently. With such a short distance left, I chose to hope that it would go away (we racers are an optimistic bunch when it's down to the wire). The car accelerated alright, but before we made it to turn 1 something in the drive line gave up and cut our celebration short. We found out this morning that the drive shaft snapped inside the torque tube. While this was a disappointing turn of events, we were still happy to be rid of the strange problems that have plagued us all year. The drive shaft is a quick fix. We'll put things back together and head into next weekend charged and ready to take back our place on top of the rookie standings. Montpelier was kind to the whole Koontz Racing team. In addition to our turn-around, Michael was able to pick up his first heat race win and finish 5th in the feature, moving him up to 5th in the point standings. The #18 car was piloted to a 4th place finish by full Midget racer, Kellen Conover. I have also updated the "Points", "Results", and "Videos" pages.


New pictures have been added to the "Photo Gallery". 


The "Results" and "Points" pages have been updated.


All the kings horses and all the kings men can't figure out what is wrong with the #16 car. The issues that have plaugued us every weekend of this race season returned during the Rushville Nationals, and took us out of the feature both nights. Drivers and crew members from several teams lent their time to trying to help last night, but nothing worked. Throughout the weekend, we changed the battery, ingnition box, fuel lines, filters, coils, ignition switch, and fuel cell vents and still got nowhere. We have a few more things to try this week before we start running out of parts to change and things to check. The #18 car will likely be on standby next week at Montpelier as my backup so I can maintain my standings in the rookie points if the #16 should continue to experience problems. 


The "Points" page and "Photo Gallery" have been updated.


Happy Father's Day!! Overall, I'm going to call last night's race at the Mt. Lawn Speedway in New Caslt, IN a success. Of course we had our typical New Castle luck (radio mount came loose, brake fluid mater cylinder cap came off, rear brake pads fell out, set screw on throttle mount stripped out). That being said, our fuel problems did not show up, and we were able to unofficially propel ourselves back into the lead of the Rookie of the Year Standings even though the car jumped out of gear and took us out of the feature. I'm very happy to have things back on track headed into next weekend, which happens to be our season's biggest event: the Rushville Nationals. I will have some new videos posted later today. 


Last night's race at the Anderson Speedway was rained out after qualifying. We were able to run to practice sessions and one qualifying session without any issues, so it looks like our fuel issues may be fixed. A rain date for Anderson will likely be scheduled. I have posted an In-car camera clip of qualifying on the "Videos" page. I have also added a page entitled: "Legacy of the Rodeo Man". This page contains a poem of the same name by Baxter Black. A shortened version of the poem appeared in the movie "8 Seconds". I like to read these words before every race. I haven't found anything that better captures the moments before the green flag. It not only applies to bull riders, but racecar drivers, tractor pullers, dirt bike racers, or any form of competition involving man and machine. Check it out.


We are two days away from our first pavement race of the season at the Anderson Speedway, and things are gradually coming together. We just finished up re-routing the enitre fuel injection system on the #16 car. We have changed everything we can possibly think of to fix our problems from the past two races. I will have everthing finished up tomorrow. Cross your fingers and wish us luck. 


I have added some new pictures to the "Photo Gallery" and upload three new videos from Rushville.


The word of the weekend was: "Frustration". Our first visit to the tight little bull ring that is Rushville began pretty well. I ran a fairly conservative qualifying lap trying to avoid rookie mistakes and was able to time in 10th fastest (1/2 second off the pole). The lineup for the heat races was inverted, but by halfway, I had moved up to 3rd. Unfortuately in my pursuit of the 2nd position, our problems from Kokomo returned, and the car basically shut down. We tried a few fixes for the feature, but the same thing happend. The good news is that several club members lent their time to trying to figure out the problem (thanks especailly to Tommy Vest). The best conclusion was that the fuel was heating up to much and vapor locking. We are currently running a fuel log (which adds to the problem by re-circulating warm fuel). This week, I plan to completely re-plumb the entire fuel injection system and bypass the fuel log. We will likely also put a insulator between the fuel pump and the engine block. Hopefully this will eliminate our problem and set us up for a stong run on pavement at Anderson on Saturday. Michael was able to soldier on and grab a 7th place finish, earning him the Hard Charger of the Race award. I have updated the "Results" and "Points" pages and I will have videos up in a couple of days. In other news, the UMRA was able to raise $530 for Riley's Children's Hospital at Rushville this weekend! 


The #16 should be ready to take on Rushville tomorrow night. Our fuel issues seem to be taken care of, so hopefully that's behind us. I'm looking forward to's debut with the team this weekend. Rushville is the Daytona of TQ Midget Racing in Indiana, and a track that should fit my driving style. Should be a good weekend! 


Announcement: I would like to welcome on board as the primary sponsor of the #16 car for the remainder of the 2010 season. Appliance Zone is one of the fastest growing companies in the online appliance parts industry, and I'm proud to be the newest member of their motorsports program. Check them out at and .


Pictures from Kokomo have been added to the "Photo Gallery".


7:45 pm - The "Results" and "Points" pages are updated (not that they're really anything to see this week). I will have videos of the heat race uploaded in the next couple of hours. You'll get to see the heat from inside and outside the car, including the little tractor tire incident.


3:44am - Our trip to Kokomo Speedway looked very promising early in the event, but ended up being yet another bout with misfortune. In hot laps, the car wouldn't run the bottom, but seemed pretty comfortable up high, which was convenient because I had that lane all to myself and was getting a wail of a launch down the straightaways. I passed the rookie test last weekend and was allowed to start in whatever position I drew for the heat race. As it turned out, I drew a number close to the tail anyhow. After all, there's no sense in making anything easy. As the heat got started, it looked like we were moving about as well as anybody. I picked up a position on lap 2, and quickly caught the next guy in line. I was working to make the pass coming off of 4 on the next to last lap when I hooked a rut on the bottom that directed me straight into one of the tractor tires on the inside of the track. Fortunately, It must have been a small model of tractor. Anyhow, I nailed the tire and went airbourn in what probably looked like the perfect Grave Digger jump in a Monster Jam event. I landed back on my wheels, and survived with a bent steering arm and a missing coil spring mount. That little incident put me at the back for the feature, but we had a strong car. At the start, I passed several cars by shooting to the inside in 1 & 2. One of these cars happend to be Michael in the #17. The boss didn't go down without a fight though, and we traded positions for the next few laps while reeling in sprint car driver Travis Welpott, who was piloting the Koontz Racing #18 this weekend. Our fun was cut short when the caution came out for a spin on the backstretch. This is where the disappointment begins. Under caution, my car began to choke and sputter (lack of fuel, loading up on fuel, I don't know - I just drive the dang thing). Anyhow, I puttered around working with the fuel shutoff valve, but was unable to bring the car back to life beyond even pace lap speed. So yet again, I headed for the infield before the feature was complete. Michael joined me a couple of laps later when his front panhard bar came loose. We've got a car that can turn some heads if we can just get it to the finish and lay down the numbers in black and white.


Tonight's race at Montpelier Motor Speedway has been cancelled due to overnight rains that pretty well flooded the pit area. We will be heading to Kokomo Speedway tomorrow as scheduled. 


The newspaper article featuring our race team that appeared in last week's Corydon Democrat is now available to view on the "Media" page of this website. If you haven't had a chance to read it yet, go ahead and click!


Check out the "Photo Gallery" for pictures from Bloomington and Brownstown by UMRA's trackside photographer.


Our first double header weekend ended up a little disappointing. Yesterday morning, we were able to fix the problem we experienced at Bloomington. It turned out to be a loose fitting on the high speed valve of the fuel log, which caused the motor to starve for fuel. Last night we headed to Brownstown Speedway hoping to shake off our string of bad luck. The car was pushing like a dump truck in our hot laps session, but we were able to get it to turn a little better for the heat. It wasn't quite there, but our heat race run suggested that we might have a pretty good run in the feature. Things got complicated when rain moved in and completely drenched the track shortly after the heat. It took over two hours to get the show rolling again, and by then the racing surface had morphed completely. We made minor adjustments that helped, but didn't suit the new surface quite as well as we would have liked. I started the feature next to last because of the whole rookie-to-the-tail thing, which meant I had a long way to go and a short time to get there. This put me behind cars that weren't as fast as us, but just fast enough, that I had a difficult time getting by them. A short ways into the race, another rookie in the #7 car drove deep into 1 and spun right in front of me. I had the choice of hitting the tractor tire in the infield or sliding into the #7, and based on past experience and the fact that the #7 put me in the position to begin with, I just slid into him. This, in turn, folded my right side nerf bar into my right-rear tire, ending our race. Once again, we were in position to top the rookies and fell out with some bad luck. Michael once again finished a strong 7th, and Ryan took top rookie honors with a 12th place finish. I've got to thank Mark Davis, for all his help in the pits last night. I also want to thank everybody that came to watch, and Mom and Dad for everything they do in the pits. The crew is working together extremely well this season.  The good news is that next weekend I have been deemed worthy of shedding the bothersome rookie curse, and I will be allowed to start where I qualify, instead of the tail. I have updated the "Results" page and added a few new videos from this weekend, including some in-car footage from Brownstown. The in-car view is pretty cool, but doesn't represent the true speed very well. It surely doesn't look like 70+ mph straightaway speeds. I should have points standings and pictures added in a couple of days.

*8:48 pm - Current Point Standings are now posted. With last week's heat races at Montpelier tallied in, I am sitting in 12th and leading rookie standings by 6 points.


1:46 am - We just got back from Bloomington. Things started off very well. We ran well and finished 3rd in our heat. That would have started us in the neighborhood of 7th for the feature, but since I'm still in rookie break-in stage, I had to start near the back of the 19-car field, in 15th position. I quickly moved up to 12th and was the highest running rookie by a mile for the majority of the race. Unfortunately, about half way through the event, the car sputtered and died coming off of turn 4. We were able to re-fire, but the car died again on the restart. We plan to get up in a few hours and start searching for the problem. We suspect a clogged fuel filter or injector. Hopefully this will be a quick fix, and we can get the #16 ready for Brownstown tomorrow night (well technically tonight I guess). In other news, Michael started pretty far back in the pack, but quickly moved through the field for a pretty good finish. I'm not sure what position he ended up in just yet. Ryan made his debut in the #18, and was just getting more comfortable when he spun out and tipped over in turn 4. Both car and driver emerged unscathed. Stay tuned. 


We are locked, cocked, and ready-to-rock for Bloomington tomorrow night. I've been looking forward to competing there for a long time. We've got several fans coming up to Brownstown on Saturday. I've got nothing to lose and everything to prove, so I intend to put on a good show. Should be an exciting weekend.


Check out the sports section of the Corydon Democrat for an article on our race team by sports editor, Brian Smith.  


I just added pictures of all three of the Koontz Racing machines on track at Montpelier. Check 'em out. 


We were able to run hot laps and heat races last night at Montpelier Motor Speedway before rain set in and cancelled our feature event. It did, however, prove to be a valuable experience since it was my first time on track in the #16 car. I was very pleased with the car's performance. We were a little too free, especially off the corner, but that's nothing a 1/2 turn here and there can't fix. I was very impressed with the performance of our Honda powerplant. I've got to tip my hat to Kenny Miller, for putting together a wail of motor. I was fighting for 2nd in the heat race when my throttle linkage fell apart one lap shy of the checkers. Michael was dominating the heat in the #17, but spun off of 4 late in the race and rolled the car over. The car and driver were a little banged-up, but otherwise fine. Ryan's dad, Jim, was able to get the #18 car on track in Ryan's absence for a much-needed test run. It looks like all three cars in the Koontz Racing stable will be capable of some great performances this year. Be sure to check out the "Videos" page for a clip of the heat race that includes Michael's flip. I will have our in-car camera working at the next race. Next weekend will be our first double header of the season and the closest thing we will have to a "home" game. We will visit Koontz Racing home track, Bloomington Speedway, on Friday, and the #16 team's closest track, Brownstown Speedway, on Saturday. Both venues are a couple of the finest dirt tracks in the state.


I have added a few more pictures of the new car to the "Photo Gallery" page. The #16 looks pretty good with all the decals on it.


Tonight's race at Montpelier was cancelled due to rain. The race has been moved to next Saturday. We were finally able to move the #16 car from Koontz Racing in Bloomington to it's new headquarters here in Central. The car will be housed here most of the season, to make weekly maintenance and setup a little easier. The extra week before our first race will give me a chance to get the car better prepared for it's debut. I have posted a couple of pictures on the Photo Gallery page (I appologize for the quality). We'll have better pictures up soon. 


The cars were not ready for the dyno last night. We are hoping to get them to the dyno before Saturday. The #18 car was fired for the first time last week and we were able to fire the #16 last night. We had a few leaks, but for the most part the driveline should be ready to rock. We have a few odds and ends to finish up on the #16, but it won't take long. It is unlikely that we will get to test at North Vernon tomorrow night, based on weather and the fact that my car is pretty much the only one ready. Weather permitting, we will be ready to start our season this Saturday at the Montpelier Speedway.


We just got back from a much-needed vacation in the Smokey Mountains. The trip was great, but it's about time to get down to business. The Koontz Racing cars are nearing completion. My Dad and I are headed to Bloomington in the morning to get the #16 close to finished. If everything goes well, we will dyno on Monday, test at North Vernon on Wednesday, and race our first points race at Montpelier on Saturday.  


UMRA's 50th season is shaping up to be pretty exciting. In the fall of '09, the UMRA announced a new title sponsor: The Dutch Mill Amish-style buffet in Milroy, IN. The owners of the Dutch Mill are excited to be a part of our series this year. Former UMRA competitor, Tony Stewart, has come aboard as the sponsor of the Rookie of the Year program. Tony won 11 races with our club before moving into USAC, IRL, and eventually, NASCAR. I'm extremely excited to be eligibe for the Tony Stewart Rookie Challenge. The highest finishing rookie from each race will get a bonus and at the end of the year, the rookie that has accumulated the most points will be UMRA's Rookie of the Year. The 2010 schedule will also keep things interesting this year. Like USAC, we have a very diverse lineup of tracks that are both paved and dirt, high-banked and flat, and range from 1/4 mile to 3/8 mile in length. Our premiere event is the two-day Rushville Nationals in June. We will be racing at county fairs throughout the summer and we will also run at some of Indiana's finest speedways, such as Bloomington Speedway, Kokomo Speedway, Brownstown Speedway, and Anderson Speedway. We wil also have a Fan Appreciation night at Greensburg in the fall. There should be a lot to talk about in 2010!


Koontz Racing's #18 car has changed drivers once again. Ryan Koontz, cousin of team owner Michael Koontz, will pilot the #18 machine this season. Ryan is an accomplished AMA Light Supercross racer and will be racing on four wheels with us for the first time. I think Ryan will be a great addition to the team, and I look forward to racing with him.


Check out the Photo Gallery. I have added new photos to "The Driver 2010" gallery, and created an "ASPCA 2010" gallery. My dad and I got a chance to knock the rust off today at the French Lick / West Baden Indoor Go-Kart track. If you ever get the chance, try it out. The karts are fast, and the track is a blast. Visit for more info.


We would like to welcome Koontz Racing sponsor, Woods Electrical, and Randy Orme Racing sponsor, Superior Signs by Melissa, back on board for our 2010 campaign with the #16 car. Also, we have moved the order date on T-shirts up to March 24th.


This season, we will be taking orders for T-shirts. Check out the new "Fan Gear" page for more information. The order deadline for the fan T's will be March 31st.


This season, I will be using our racing program to raise awareness for the ASPCA, The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The ASPCA works to rescue animals from abuse, pass humane laws, and share resources with animal shelters nationwide. Check out for more information. 


News on the Copperhead Mowdown Lawn Mower Race has been updated. This year's Mowdown will be held on May 29th due to the busy UMRA schedule. Check out the Mowdown pages of for more info and the 2010 rules sheet. 


I am proud to indroduce some of the new Koontz Racing team sponsors I will be working with this season. Lineal Contracting, Leader's Edge, and North American Race Gear have helped to make my partnership with Koontz Racing possible. I sported their logos for two races last season in the #18 car, and will do so again in the #16. Thanks a million to you guys. Visit the "Sponsors" page to check out all of our great sponsors this season. I have also made several additions to the links page including sponsors, tracks, and charities, so check it out too since you're here!


I would like to welcome several of my longtime Randy Orme Racing sponsors back on board with me in my first season with Koontz Racing. H&R Block of Corydon, IN has been with me since the very beginning and will follow me to Koontz Racing for their 7th year of sponsorship. KFC of Corydon, IN has been with me since my rookie season in Mini Sprints and will join me for my rookie season in the UMRA. Mel and Gina Markins and Sandy's Nu Look Beauty Salon, two great sponsors that joined in 2005 are excited to continue their support. Pennzoil 10 Minute Oil Change will be my official oil supplier for a 5th year, and Trusty & Sons Tire Co. will have it's logo on my car for it's 6th season. And of course, Garmon's Farm will remain a huge part of my racing adventures. I can't thank all of you enough. Check out the new logos and links on the "Sponsors" page. In the next few days, I will be  announcing some of my new sponsors from the Koontz Racing team. 


It turns out that Koontz Racing will be expanding to a 3-car operation after all. The #18 will be a sort of satellite team, based at Koontz Racing, but owned by Rod Armes and piloted by his son Steven. I will be moving to the new #16 car (which, I hear, is an upgrade from the #18). Stay tuned for details on sponsors, car colors, and more information in the coming weeks.


Michael encountered a disappointing turn of events in the Chili Bowl qualifier Thursday night. His engine expired during hot laps, preventing him from starting in his heat. The fact that those things happen is the major downside to the world of auto racing. 


The 2010 UMRA TQ Midget Schedule has been released! Some of the locations are still to be determined, but all of the dates, and most of the race locations are now listed on the "Schedule" page. The 2010 schedule includes 26 events on both dirt and pavement tracks. Their won't be much down time, but I can't wait to get going!



For you fans that are getting a little bored during the off-season, I have added three new clips to the "Videos" page. These Randy Orme Racing classics include a Mini Cup feature from my first year of racing, my last Mini Sprint Race at Thunder Valley, and a "Spills and Thrills" video. Hope you enjoy. There are also a few new pictures in the Photo Gallery. 


My car owner, Michael Koontz, will be competing in the 24th annual Chili Bowl Midget Race in Tulsa, OK next week. Michael will be piloting the #76K Midget owned by Kellen Conover. He is slotted to compete in Thursday's (1/14) qualifier against racing stars like Kasey Kahne, Tracy Hines, Jason Leffler, Sammy Swindell, Terry McCarl, PJ Jones, and more. Best of luck to ya, buddy!!! I'll post an update next week.


The team would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 


I have added a links page that will grow to include just about any website that is related to what we are doing in the world of racing. There are a few key sites listed now, and more will be added throughout the off-season. 


Have a Happy Thanksgiving everybody.


Welcome to! I have been working on this new website for the past couple of weeks. It is a long way from done, and there will  be more to come. You will be able to continue to visit for info on the 2004-2009 seasons as well as the Copperhead Mowdown lawn mower races. This new website will feature all of the latest news and information on my racing career as I compete for the UMRA TQ Midget Rookie of the Year award and run a few select races with the 'ol .38 Special Street Stock in 2010. Some of the new features you'll find on this site are the "Photo Gallery" and "Video" pages. The Photo Gallery will feature the latest pictures as well as a sort of pictorial history of our racing adventures. The Video page (by far, the coolest new addition) will feature footage of my races next season. So, for all of you that haven't made it to the track, you will finally get to see us in action. For now, I have posted a TQ Midget race from Bloomington and a clip of the Anderson Enduro 200 as examples of what I'll be up to. Info on the 2010 season will be posted as soon as it's available. Stay tuned....